UVHM makes gameplay fixed and difficult to play

This post is opinion with all respect to the borderlands franchise. The level cap increase crippled my gameplay in borderlands 2. When I played Borderlands on Xbox 360 I had a blast remaining at lvl 50 farming all of the legendaries and most of the uniques. I purchased all of the dlc for the game except the level cap increase. I even played uvhm as a lvl 50 just to get Seraph items. I eventually came to the stage after playing borderlands 2 as a level 50 for hundreds of hours to try the UVHM and UVHM 2 expansion. It turned out just as I expected. During the grind to op8, the game got frustrating and not as fun as before. At op8, the weapon variety that there was at TVHM was gone. The only weapons I would even think about using on my gunzerker at op8 was the dp unkempt Harold and the grog nozzle. On top of the gameplay feeling repetitive, the level cap increase made farming legendaries unsatisfying knowing they will not be put to use. In the handsome collection on next gen, there is no option for avoiding the cap increase. I know it’s late in the borderlands 2 lifespan, but I would like for there to be an update that gives players a way choose their level cap or turn experience off at certain stages in the game. This is by far one of my favorite franchises of all time, and I would just like to relive the same experience on next gen as I did before.

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I see your point to some extent, the ease of weapon choice is much harder at higher difficulty levels… but it’s also very true that there are many of us that want that harder difficulty and find the game too easy at lower levels… I love op8 personally and am getting more comfortable with it, to the point I can now use weapons outside of the top ten that everyone uses and I’ve stopped using a norfleet for second winds, just takes practice like anything else and I certainly wasn’t ready for it right away… I agree it might be an idea to give people the option of locking a level cap for themselves if they wanted to… might be something to put up in all the forum ideas for BL3 in that section of the posts… That way players would have choice, because right now, if you bought the expansions (likely if you already loved the game) you are forced to level up if you don’t want to… If you wanted to simulate that, you can play with op8 gear on level 72 (or sightly higher) which would give you a wide range of gear to choose from…

I agree also here. I originally took my characters to 61 and went on the hunt from there. Now in the HC things scale beyond this in UVHM.

It would be interesting if you could specify a cap as most of what makes BL2 so much fun is finding rare things to use.

The one thing I really like on UVHM is everything scales to you. It would be interesting if you could set something like this from the very start so you don’t have to play through the game 3 times before ‘end game’ kicks in. Almost like just a end game mode???