UVHM mission assistance

I’m currently 59 almost 60 but haven’t really done the story in UVHM, been grinding a DLC.

Would like to have some people to play through the story with, trust worthy people.

Add me on Xbox one, my gt is

Crackin Yo Nuts

Oh, not sure about Trust Worthy.

If you haven’t started UHVM yet at 59, your weapons are going to let you down, as I am guessing they are capped at 50, unless you use up some keys to get them levelled.

I have added a few people on here as friends, but haven’t yet got around to having a game with them, as I play sporadically, and tend to just go afk when there is “dad” stuff to do, so I find it hard to commit to gaming time with other people.

However, if you have level 50 weapons, you really are going to need some assistance to get going.

If you on UK time, I can help you out farm some mobs to level up your weapons, but I cannot commit currently with any extended game time, plus I prefer the use of Mic so we can at least discuss what we are doing without jumping up and own in game in the direction of the problem, or typing.

GT: CGANacMacFeegle

Add me: JordaaNPopee

anyone wanna play? add me gt is Xx T3RRIER xX

I’m in the USA, and I prefer mic as well but party chat really lags me. So game chat for sure, but I’ve farmed to 60 in gingerton so the weapons level as I do.

The gun I use is level 50 but melts frosty. It’s the corporate bitch, and I have a 57 bee shield so that helps.

I’m down for new players to get through the story and do OP levels as well.

Gt is Crackin Yo Nuts