UVHM mission reward scaling?

I have no idea anymore about this.
If I take a mission at, for example, 59, finish it and farm my reward, it’ll be 59 in UVHM. If I leave the mission ready to turn in and level up, will the reward scale, or stay at 59?

The reward will stay at the mission level. In this case, 59.


A nice thing is that if you accept a mission in the OP levels (say OP8), you can turn it in at at a lower OP level (say OP3) and the reward will be at that lower level.

This is very handy for read-only farming mission rewards for other characters.


To add to what @Dr_Do-Little said: the level of the reward is set the moment you accept the mission. The only exception (outside of the OP levels) would be the Grog Nozzle, since as a mission item it’s not level-locked and changes with you. (That said, if you turn the mission in, it’s gone…)