UVHM mode? Not in the classic sense

As in a seperate mode from Mayhem completely.

You can have the option of selecing Mayhem mode, and of course the modifier system will remain the same.

Or you can select UVHM mode. No levels. Fixed enemy and gear scaling. It would take your gear, regardless of what Mayhem level you acquired it on, and automatically scale it to the fixed enemy health, armor, and sheilds.

This will make actions skills, all gear (including the extremely OP M6 weapons) balanced (or at least as balanced as a game like this could ever be), and give us a more “classic” BL experience that is reminiscent of the base game.

I am no programmer, but I think this might be doable. It will require a lot of fine tuning on GBX’s part to balance each weapon, but I think it can be done.

This will please both people who like the current Mayhem system and its modifiers, and those of us who want a more balanced and pure gaming experience where most weapons and action skills and grenades are viable, as well as no random modifiers at all.

Besides that… I really can’t think of a single way where GBX can fix the scaling issues that are in M10. Scaling the old legacy Legendaries or even world drops , or action skills, will make the base game extremely easy, so we are really in a corner here. GBX will either have to create M6 only Legendary gear that completely displaces the old Legendaries or do something else, not sure what though.



You expect them to properly balance ? Have they not proven to you yet that balance is something they don’t seem to understand ?

I know, but Im thinking if this UVHM setting has ONE health, shields, and armor setting for enemies (lets say 1500%, same as current M5), it should be easy to take out every weapon for a spin and just get a feel of what is competitve or not, then balance.

I can tell you right now M5 feels pretty good and IMO most legendaries feel pretty good. Obviously some do better than others, but at least they are all VIABLE and actually kill things, you know?

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i just want the entire system resemble borderlands 2, only if they make uvhm like that

Thats exactly what it would be like, minus the need to use Slag and not having hte beat the game twice to unlock it. It will be a seperate mode / toggle like Mayhem is selected, unlocked once you beat the game and you can toggle on or off.

It sounds nice tbh.

Agreed. What’s missing from KF2020’s scenario is progression. UVHM was not perfect, in BL2, but at least you continued to get better weapons and new skills to help you tackle it. In fact, the much maligned TPS did this perfectly. All three of its difficulty levells worked seamlessly with gear and skill point progression.

I think it would be very hard for GBX to give us any changes that would move the game away from its current endgame focus.

tps xp was broken and never scale to ur lvl , that the only thing ill complain.

bl2 uvhm is great, except the level cap . most of the time ur gonna be 53 55 if ur only going through story , it made people feel lost about what to do to reach max level. lucky person will find topneaa to nuke bar room , unlucky person will be at either mick zaford or play mission until max level