UVHM Need another co-op partner. (Xbox One)

Level 55 Siren on the Xbox One UVHM just trying to get to level 72 plus all achievements. Had to start over from 360 save. Co-op partner would be nice. Not really looking for a 4 man group just another player that likes playing Borderlands 2 and can help out or same level. Slag is useful!

Not power leveling sorry. Just message me. I might not respond right away don’t get mad. :whale:

GT: MissJaded

When are you typically on?

Its random I work part time day or night. Usually on before or after work if not busy. Playing at night mostly. Just add me and let me know when your on.

Thanks if you can. :smile:

Hey ill join you if you want just send me message wen your on my gt: I9 D A N N Y 9I :smile: