Uvhm need help plz

uvhm sucks I cant do crap with it even tho im level 57 axton and decent build and what I thought was decent weapons all I do is get owned. I don’t know what to do anymore someone help plz the game is not fun if all I do is die.

I see you’re on right now. I can help for a bit, but you might want to take a look in the Axton section for build advice; Axton should be surviving pretty well by level 57.

I did look and I don’t see anyway of making him any better than what he is I did fix my build

What is your current build? You can use the skill builder to provide a link.

im using a build that goes with my legendary soldier class mod

That doesn’t necessarily make it an optimal build. I use the same class mod generally, but you do need to be careful which skills you pick. If I knew your actual build, I could offer some suggestions.

not even sure how to tell u what my build is without tkeing forever to typ it all out

either I get stuff sorted and be actually able to play uvhm and not get nearly one shot by everything or im not gonna play it

Use the link in my post above. When you have got it to match your current build, copy the entire url from the location bar in your browser and paste it into a post here. That way, anyone can look at it easily.

sorry didn’t the link earlier

Your points in Crisis Management would be better spent in Able, which would still get you to Double Up. I know Healthy looks good, but it’s not the best use of the points: stick one on to get the benefit of the legendary soldier, and put the rest in the next tier in Pressure. Then I’d take Phalanx and Quick Charge, and continue up until you get back to Double Up. It would look something like this:


If you find that works for you and you decide to continue through UVHM, I’d put the next points into the centre tree (Gunpowder). You can play around with adding Maglock (takes some practice but it has its uses), but I’d invest more into Impact, Metal Storm, and Battlefront.

Hope that helps!

I love borderlands and want to play uvhm but all this getting nearly one shot by crap I should be able to kill is annoying as f*** , I hope this works otherwise I have no idea what to do and ty

am I better off doing side missions as I get them or playing thru the storyline first and do the side stuff later in uvhm

I do select side quests where the mission reward is non-unique or non-legendary, and I tend to do them as I go just to break things up a bit (I’ve taken three characters through to 72, with the other three on the way, so there’s been a lot of repetition!)

There are a number of threads around about which to take and which to keep until you hit maximum level. The ones I always save are Animal Rights, Rakkaholics Anonymous, the third part of Cult Following, Safe and Sound, the final part of Cordially Invited, and the one in Fyrestone for TK Baha’s niece. You may also want to save Splinter Group, the one in the Torgue DLC with the wanted posters, Sword in the Stoner (Tina DLC), and Crazy About You (Scarlet DLC). That last one you can accept but should NOT turn in until you hit level 72, as turning it in auto-accepts Oops and locks the level of the Sandhawk you can get.

ok thanks, im also debating whether I want to go back and do the side missions and dlc on tvhm…everything is done on normal yet. also I probably am not gonna grind for gear unless I need it. people were helpful and set me up with level 61 gear earlier in game…im level 63 now btw…also gonna get the headhunter dlcs soon

Probably not much point given that you’ve done them in normal. About the only things I go back to are Bar Room Brawl, the Warrior, or the Ancient Dragons - the first for Torgue tokens, the other two for eridium. If I’m feeling particularly lazy, I will also use normal or true mode to get to a particular spot, then quit & restart in ultimate e.g. if I want to farm LLMs in Doctor’s Orders or get through Heroes Pass to the Vault of the Warrior. You’re not going to get anything worthwhile at higher than level 50 in UVHM, and raid bosses only drop seraph crystals (the other thing you might want) in UVHM anyway.