UVHM not leveling past Level 50

I’ve read a similar post regarding this issue but let me explain my predicament.

I played Borderlands 2 on ps3 unpatched, no DLC’s whatsoever finished it got to TVHM finished it and then I was done.
After that I bought the Ps3 add-on packs which came with Torgues DLC and Captain Scarlet’s Pirate Booty and an update. I installed everything off of the Disc then finished the DLC. not that I have never connected to an internet connection at this point so no online updates or Hotfixes.
I then connected to PSN and downloaded an update which was around 600 Mb. Once i launched the game the option to continue in UVHM popped up. I was still level 50 and didnt get any XP whatsoever though I was playing UVHM.
Do i have to purchase each Upgrade pack off PSN to increase the level cap? Was it supposed to increase automatically after that update? Please get back to me on this issue, thanks!

There is the third play-through after defeating Warrior the second time. To actually be in UVHM and level to 72, though, you specifically need the UVHM and UVH2 upgrade packs which are separate purchases. Check the store - you should see them listed there.

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Okay Thanks. Will Purchase them:+1:

hello i cant pass level 50 and i only got the dragon keep dlc on xbox 360 please help i want to level up help

You’ll need the UVHM and UVH2/digistruct peak upgrade packs. Each one adds 11 levels. You don’t need to get them both at the same time. I’d get the UVHM (first upgrade) pack first, since there’s not really much point in doing Digistruct Peak unless you’re already get to level 72 and want to make the game harder.