UVHM, only spawning in windshear waste, cant fast travel

I recently reinstalled the game, and when i spawn into UVHM as my level 57 zero i spawned at the start of the game at windshear waste. I ran into claptraps place and attempted using the fast travel machine which will only show dlc areas and if no dlc is installed it shows nothing at all, I cant manually run anywhere as the door beside the fast travel is closed and claptrap doesn’t open it. he stands out the front of his place missing an eye saying and doing nothing. I have attempted uninstalling reinstalling and verifying game files many times. I have finished UVHMs main story mode on my own, no friends and in my own game. I have attempted to go onto TVHM and stand in other areas then switch to UVHM but I always still spawn in windshear. Even if I travel to a dlc area, then save and quit. when I rejoin I still go right back to windshear. I dont know what to do and this means I cant play the game aside from dlc PLEASE HELP.

Have you tried resetting UVHM from the select character screen? That should force all the mission progress back to default, which should spawn you next to Liar’s Burg.

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I will give this a go thank you, I was hoping there was a way to do this without losing all my progress but I suppose it wouldn’t be too bad anyway.

Well if nothing shows up on fast travel, I don’t think you have any progress. Actually, what mission shows up in the mission indicator under the minimap? Note that resetting only resets mission progress, you keep your levels and gear.

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I reset, thank you very much for a quick and helpful response.

Happy to help, glad it worked :slight_smile: