UVHM Playthrough! [PSN = DeathPrestige]

Hey guys!

So, I just got my Zer0 onto UVHM and Im on the Road to Sanctuary! However, killing Boom Bewm and Flynt were both pains in the ass, and took WAY too long solo. At this point I realised I need people to play with XD.

If anyone is interested to play, my PSN is in the title, just send a message and Ill be sure to get back to you!

i can be on soon ill send you a message when im ready

What level are you? I ask because the game will scale to the highest leveled person in the game, (in case you didn’t know - my bad if you already knew this.)

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whats ur psn

Im level 52.

DeathPrestige, it was in the title!! XD

sorry i thought u meant it was vault hunter338