UVHM Question on Levels

It’s such a while since I last played in UVHM, but doing the two Frostburn Canyon missions I noted that all dropped weapons from killed enemies were at least 1 or 2 levels higher than what I am on. eg I am level 53 but picked up weapons were levels 54 and 55. Does this mean I should have reached a higher level befor attempting these missions. If so is there any way to find out the optimum level for the mission?



Were you playing solo or coop?

If solo, then yes you can get gear that’s 1-2 levels higher (up to max level), because the enemies can be 1-2 levels higher (super badass or ultimate super badass variants). You can also get weaker enemies that are a below you and, if they drop something, it’s likely to be lower level. You’ll also see gear in the vending machines at or 1-2 levels below you.

If co-op, remember that the game will adjust to the level of the highest levelled player when you transition to a new map.


Thanks. I always have played solo. As I am getting on towards 70 years old I am finding UVHM more difficult than previously. I have tried a few times to play co-op for the first time but after a week of trying there hasn’t been any games that I can join. It seems that co-op gaming has all but stopped. As I am approaching the Bloodshot levels I was hoping to do co-op particularly when confronting War-d3n. If I have to go to Friendship Gulag (again) I may as well give up. With my previous character (Axton) I have been killed over 30 times without even getting War-d3n’s shields down.

Oh as a point of note: I notice from the internet that the Legendary Surgical Pitchfork is obtained from Terramorphous. For me it was included in the Red chest in Captain Flynt area. Is this unusual?


The Pitchfork is in Terramorphous’ designated drop loot pool, but it’s also available as a world drop at much lower odds. I’ve found a couple in red chests or other places, so finding one where you did is not totally unusual.

What platform are you playing on? I think the majority of active players are either on Steam, PS4, or XB1. You’re probably better off trying to find someone here to co-op with than joining random games, though - much more likely that they’ll be willing to go at your pace.

UVHM is quite an adjustment, and there’s way more going on at once, so I understand your frustration. The first few levels are also quite gear dependent. Things get better north of level 60/61, but getting there can be a pain.


As VaultHunter101 says.
also, The Handsome Collection? or just BL 2

If you are on XB1, give me a shout and I’ll be happy to join in. I am always on between 9pm to around 11:30pm EST.
I do have a mic, 58 and usually run the game with a friend in his mid 60’s. we’ve immersed ourselves in Fallout 3 at the moment, but would be more then happy to help/play BL 2 or TPS.
Gamer tag is the same as my forum name

It’s not quite like it was, but I run open games every few days and always have at least one random join in and several times still get a full roster


Thanks. I play on PC. Would it be better to just switch the online public option on and hope someone joins. If most co-op games are on Steam, PS4 or XB1 is it not possible to play across different platforms?

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Cross-platform play is, unfortunately, not an option. I know a few people who’ve defected to PC in the last while, joining a very active community of forum members on steam. I’d recommend posting over here:


I’m sure the likes of @Kurtdawg13 and company would be more than happy to help out where possible. I would, however, advise against going open on-line at this point. Random players can be, well, random at the best of times, and you probably want to get a better handle on UVHM at your own pace than you’d likely get opening your game up to just anybody.


Not sure if it’s possible but I would LOVE for BL3 to have cross-play…


One of us!
One of us!
One of us!
Steam: Kurtdawg13
I’m happy to help if possible. I’m new to Steam so I only have my Sal at level 53 starting UVHM after Terra coughs up my boat murderer head. :sunglasses:


@Kurtdawg13 , @Jefe to name a couple of decent players on PC, they’ll know of a few more , so you shouldn’t lack of people to play the game with.

Just kidding guy’s your both Great
Dangit Kurt at least wait till ipost


Heyoo! Kurt and I are both on the west coast ( USA / Canada respectively ). I tend to have issues co-coordinating with folks for co-op, but you’re welcome to find me on Steam.

Steam tag and profile pic is the same as here. I have a Maya at level 43 and should be ready for UVHM pretty soon. I generally play with my mic off in consideration of others in my household - so chat via text.


Thanks. I am just about to go to UVHM level 54 as Gaige. I’m waiting until level 54 to start the Dam Fine Rescuie Mission as I have a lot of saved weapons from previous solo (failed) attempts at this mission.

How does the Steam Community work? I have been registered on Steam since its inception but never heard of this before. I would love your help from Dam Fine Rescue to beating Wilhelm in End o’Line. I am based in the UK so I don’t know how this would affect things. Based on this I am somewhere between 5 hours (EST) and 8 hours (Pacific Time) ahead of the US .

I have never played co-op before so if we can set things up what do I set my Network Connections to? Is there a process for finding you if you are on-line?

Salv is the only character I haven’t played yet. I prefer dealing damage from a distance rather than getting up close and personal. If I ever get past Wilhelm as Gaige I was going to try my luck as Salv.

Many years ago I made it through to Level 72 as a solo Siren. Forums have strongly advised against trying Destruct Peak or any of the Raid Bosses solo.

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Thanks. With an 8 hour time difference it may be difficult. Evenings would be very difficult but if you guys could play at around 11am or 12 noon your time that would be great. Weekends may be easier? Evenings are difficult as I have to get my wife to bed at 2pm (your time : 10pm my time).

In addition to Gaige at Level 54, I have a Maya at level 53, Zero at level 58 and Axton at level 55. Here I am stuck with Wilhelm or the Friendship Gulag. The latter is impossible as a solo player in UVHM.

I have just started a Salv character now at level 14 as the UVHM options are almost impossible solo.

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I’m a relatively new addition to the pc side but have played Borderlands 2 loads on Xbox. I’m on +2 gmt so our times would match up nicely if you want to play. My characters are already maxed but I’m always game for climbing the peak or general mobbing.

So feel free to hit me up on steam, my name and picture are the same as here.

Welcome to the forums, and while I’m not a PC player I would say ‘Balderdash!’ to the idea of not trying the Peak (or raid bosses) with Maya or any of the other characters. We’re close to the same age so please don’t let that hold you back- there are quite a few builds for each VH that are built for raiding or Peak climbing that might also mesh well with your preferred play style. I’m sure the guys (and gals- there are a few ladies around here) you’re about to game with would be more than happy to help you tackle these opponents. I’ve run the Peak with every character myself and have gotten all but Krieg to OP8 twice (my second Krieg is only OP5). Go for it sir- go for it! :grin:


I can’t speak on raid bosses, but plus 1 to this. I was afraid of the peak for a longish time, and only just started up it recently, but it’s a trip I’m glad I decided not to deny myself any longer. It’s tough but fair, and fun no matter how each run goes. Give it a try, and if you don’t like it, no harm no foul.


I’m normally in game in the evening, so that’s not going to work. I’m normally on Sunday mornings - so your dinner time :laughing:

To find someone, open the Steam interface and select Community at the top. There will be a box that says Find People / Search for Friends.

The problem is that a lot of people use the same pseudonym ( there are a lot of Jefe’s - so you just keep scrolling through til you find my profile pic ). I’ve used Prismatic Me as an example.


Once you’ve found the person there’s a friend request link to click. Send that off - the person will need to accept the request before they’re a “friend”. Once that happens, they’ll show up in your friends list and you can see their status : away, online, in-game,etc.


When you open the game, the right side of main menu will show you if you have any friends playing BL2. You can click on that game and ask to join their game or ask them to join yours.


There’s only 1 big badass Boss and that’s you.


Just tab back or fwd to the mission page, there you will see all the pertinent info for the mission including recommended level.

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