UVHM should be pick your mission mode

I know TVHM was included as a repeatable version of the game, which you can reset, but it sucks if I want to replay a mission that happens late in the story, or a side mission which only becomes available later in the story.
They should include UVHM, which is unlocked for all characters once you complete a playthrough with any character in TVHM. UHHM would automatically boost your character up to level 50 (or the level cap) but let you earn XP to level them up in Normal and TVHM, until level 50. All XP earned would also go towards guardian rank. It would let you select any mission from a list, which you then enter the game at the beginning of. You play the mission and as soon as you finish it, you return to the list to select a new mission. The mission reward will always be a random unique or legendary weapon that is given as a quest reward, so that it doesn’t matter which mission you want to play.
You can also choose explore mode, which lets you travel through the game without any missions active, and do crew challenges, boss fights, etc. at level 50 with any character. It would save you having to play a new character all the way to level 50 and finish the story to enjoy the endgame content with someone other than your “main”.
You would also be able to use mayhem mode, even if you haven’t reached that far in Normal/TVHM, by choosing it at the mission select menu, or travelling to Sanctuary and changing it.

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Gearbox keeps saying that their data shows that players mostly play with a single character and don’t put as much time into others, but if you had the option to change between them, without having to re-level up and complete the story (plus side missions and crew challenges), I think most players would want to try all of them. Players seem to want DLC characters, but not to have to start again with each one, so having a mode that lets you jump to the endgame, once you’ve played that far at least once, would be perfect.
Plus, being able to complete specific favourite missions and crew challenges repeatedly, would be awesome.