UVHM tips for BL2 and Pre Sequel

Ok so long story short I got my claptrap to level 50 on the Pre sequel and so I decide to go into UVHM I instantly gave up after dying around 25 times to the second boss no matter what I do I just can’t get his shield down so I basically gave up and said that getting to level 50 was enough. I am currently playing Borderlands 2 I am interested in advice for UVHM for both games because I want to get my characters on both to the highest level. some things I would like to know is what gear should I farm and stuff I know in borderlands 2 a Bee shield along with a grog nozel is pretty much required for UVHM but what about Pre sequel UVHM. Thank you guys this is my first post by the way.

Get the long nail… Fastest way to end this encounter

There’s a whole thread going on about it in the Borderlands 2 sub-forum: 100 Ways to stay alive in UVHM

You’ll also find specific tips for each Borderlands 2 class in their respective sub-forums.

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BL tps isn’t so bad, but I can see how you are having trouble with claptrap.

What I found with him was that I really had to depend on his action skill and getting a good roll to survive some of the tougher encounters. For that specific encounter, find a good long range weapon and let him jetpack around if you can’t immediately wipe him out.

BL2, on the other hand, is a totally different monster. Slag, slag, and lots of slag. Also make sure to check the guides to get at least one of the OP guns for your class (DPUH for salvador, Beehawk for Maya, Lyuda for Zero, and so on)