UVHM Upgrade Pack 2 missing advertised features

Bought UVHM Upgrade Pack 2, but missing features

Basically, the existence of the Lilith DLC has rendered my purchase of the Upgrade Pack 2 DLC useless.

Yet there was no warning before I bought the Upgrade Pack 2 DLC. I wasn’t warned that my purchase would only award part of the advertised deliverables. That is, the advertised OP1-8 would not be available to me.

I contacted tech support for both 2K Games and Gearbox. Both tech supports pretty much told me “too bad!”. (But not before running me in circles for 1-2 weeks, making me think I was at fault. I kept going back to my lvl 72 characters and retrying Digistruct Peak over and over, and kept reporting back to tech support with pretty much a “huh?”)

Game Bug? Or intentional oversight?

My XP is stuck at 9,520,932. No more XP gain.

I have both UVHM Upgrade Packs (1 and 2). I didn’t buy (nor download) the Lilith DLC.

There was no warning that I would not be getting what was advertised when I bought the UVHM Upgrade Pack 2. Am I missing something?

Current build: 3902911