UVHM upgrade pack for Borderlands 2 isn't working for me

I tried to install the upgrade pack and it said installed, but it won’t let me level up anymore. I am level 61 and i can’t level up to 72 and go to overpower 8. Really mad right now, and need help bad.

Do you have both UVHM packs?

Yea but i cant level up anymore

Its annoying.

OK. You should post this in the appropriate tech support section on this forum.

How? How do i get to that part of the forum?

I can move you there. What platform are you on?

Playstation 3

How can u move me there?

I got you moved. Im a moderator on these forums. I has powers.

Sorry about your trouble though, i hope it gets sorted out. In the mean time, you could try submitting a support ticket here. Im not sure if theyd be able to help with this specifically, but it wouldnt hurt to try

Oh do u mean u moved my post to tech support?

Yes, your thread is now in tech support.

Thank you so much!

I have the same issue, I bought the blu-ray GOTY edition and every dlc there was working fine, then I reached level 61 and decided to purchase the ultimate vault hunter upgrade pack 2, installed it but it doesnt change anything, I cant level up nor acess the digistruct peak
I bought the cd disc in australia, new zeland, and bought the dlc on my brazilian PSN account (that my nationality), maybe thats the problem?