UVHM White only gear / build

I want to make a run with white gear only. I’ve tried some builds, but some work, some don’t. But those that ‘work’ are doing a ‘meh’ job.
Will be nice some build that I can use with just what I find on my way. And know what to look for when I open a chest/vendor.
Is this possible? Or white gear is just to weak to even be enhanced by build??
In bl2 this probably was a suicide mission. But I’m confident that tps will make this task pretty manageable. That’s why I want to try. The game is becoming so easy and I don’t want to get bored.
Thanks to everyone

I would say your best chance is to use arguably the cheapest build there is, AA Jack, you’ll need a white Jakobs quad and then all your other gear should be white Hyperion, spec into company man, absolute advantage, and the capstone for the center tree, I don’t know how effective of a build it will, but I think this may be the strongest option for your interesting experiment

Quad barreled shotguns don’t come white. The OP would have to use coach guns.

Really what about bandit barrels?

I’m sorry. I forgot to mention that I would prefer a Nisha/Wilhem build. But I have al 6 characters on uvhm so I wouldn’t mind info on other builds.
The one of the character you feel comfortable with to say: ‘this is the build I would use for my _____ if I where to use only white gear’, hopefully there’s someone that can confidently say (as many use to say on their builds (with legendaries, obviously): ‘this build makes _____ a f***ing beast’.
I don’t know if I’m asking for an imposible. (By the way nothing is imposible).

The coach gun is actually one of the ones I tried and performed ok, along with a pocket cannon, and jakobs pistols. With my current Nisha build (the one I use with luck cannon or absolute zero) they do kill stuff, but far from ideal. I know there must be a build that make white gear shine. I can’t believe that the only way to play this game is by using the best gear or else you’re fu**ed.

Green or higher.

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Try to imagine a new color.

But to keep it on-topic, if you wanted a Wilhelm build, you’d probably want one that focused on Wolf having a lot of damage output. If you can find some decent Maliwan (elemental weapons from any other manufacturer are at least green rarity, always) weapons, you can hit up Cold War and have a solid way of freezing enemies, and then Power Fist will become your main source of damage output.

Additionally, Lazlo’s Freezeasy (the mission weapon) is a white unique, so you could probably get some mileage out of that.

You’re using some of the best white rarity gear you can get as Nisha. If it isn’t performing up to your expectations, you probably won’t enjoy the run.


That’s kind of the point of ARPGs. Borderlands may also be a shooter, but it’s an RPG first and foremost, so the hunt for the best gear to destroy the game with is a defining feature.

You can go through the game with white gear. Heck, here’s a vid of someone killing eclipse with them.

But if you’re expecting them to perform at any level other than “barely passable”, you may be expecting too much. Whites are the worst tier of weapons after all.

btw, thanks for the mention @boombumr, but he is right. white gear is really hard to play as, and at least on nisha, if you want any amount of success, your going to need to cryo nearly everything and then aim for the head. i tried it once on level 70 UVHM and i found it much more boring than the usual nisha playstyle of running round like a chicken with its head cut off, melting everything. its doable, but hard and boring.

to answer your question @iripa, it is very doable. i recommend looking for the gear i use in my kill of Eclipse, just add a cryo maliwan sniper and change the build to look like this. (changed some skills around for more survivability) http://thepresequel.com/Nisha/4101410100005055150050105501015551

EDIT: using green gear is infinitely easier than white gear. you get the benefit of an actual build synergy with your com and prefix choice, and you can have guns with matching parts instead of “Frankenstein guns”

Thanks to every one, but I finally managed to do it. I’m playing with only whites on uvhm as Nisha and well she doesn’t one shot stuff as with her Maggie or luck cannon. But the coach gun, any Hyperion pistol or shotgun with good damage and great fire rate does kill stuff pretty fast and in showdown I’m still one shooting most average enemies. Also the torgue pistols, as long as they have good fire rate worked fine, sniper rifles where the most difficult, because even when having great damage output, they doesn’t seem to make it happen in reality, they only work in showdown in ads, but they take a lot of bullets to kill simple mobs.
I thought this was imposible, but seems pretty doable now. I’m happy to have accomplished it whit everybody telling me I was being dumb for even try.
I don’t think I’ve done anything special with my build but seems to work great after I get a kill skill activated.
I try to use showdown only as back up when I get overwhelmed, I like to try killing things myself with as little help as I possibly can.
And obviously some weapons are just to weak for this, but wasn’t hard to find one that worked, just tried it and if it killed then it was ‘worthy’, if not it was sold.