V Day Event not active on Xbox One yet?

Hi Everyone, it’s almost 11am EST here and I’m not finding any new Mission Markers in Sanctuary 3, nor is there an option to toggle the event on/off in the Main Menu. Am I missing something? Please let me know if it’s a Time Zone thing or should I restart my system? Thanks!

You will need to install the game update first. If you don’t have autoload enabled, you’ll want to check manually. There’s both a patch AND a hotfix involved for this.

They may or may not be available on your XBox server right now, but should be no later than 3 pm Pacific (6 pm Eastern).

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Thanks so much–I figured it was most likely a Time Zone thing. My Xbox will usually auto-install, but I’ll be sure to check. Many Thanks Again! \m/

Pay attention to the Version number on the “Manage game and Add-ons” page of Borderlands 3 on your Xbox. Current version before the update should be


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