Valentine's Day Event?

Do you guys think we’ll get a V day event or something like Bl2 had or will we even get skins or heads? I hope we do get something but I’d love if we try and show Maurice what love is and every character has their own version of it (marcus love of money/material things, hammerlock (and fl4k) love of the hunt, moxie physical love, cl4ptr4p self love, etc). i think that could both be very funny and very cool.

what about you what do you think we’ll get and what do YOU want?

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It is likely that there will be some kind of event. I’d very much like if Maurice animates the seasonal events every time.

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Going be honest. If there is a V-Day event I won’t be happy. I’m not mostly a negative person but I haven’t came across an event that felt rewarding yet in BL3

Im guna be lonely enough on valentine’s so I’d rather not have something like love hearts chasing me around after every kill!

Do I get to explode Cherubs into a bloody mess?

PLEASE let it be localized so it doesn’t intrude on the rest of the gameplay (like the ghosts).

LMAO :rofl:

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Hmm, what if you kill the enemy and a heart/ghost thing tracks you? Shooting it gives a damage increase and letting it hit you heals you? All the while reminding me im alone! :joy::yum:

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I don’t know what that means

It’s a portmanteau of Lupercalia and Carnivora. I’m imagining a giant mobile fortress festooned with human hearts instead of skulls…


he does love himself a lot tho esp when no one else will lol

I wouldn’t mind it. Maybe some skins/heads,etc. But please nothing overwhelming like the ghosts.

If we’re talking hammerlock, I’d think more of his love for Wainwright. Seems like the only wholesome loving relationship in BL, frankly.


For free content I’ve enjoyed them so far. The Halloween one was fun, might have ran a little long though

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Yeah and the ghosts were everywhere too but cheers for if this event can be decent and nice for V-Day theme