Valkyrie Squad help

So let me preface this by saying I have not really spent much time in Maliwan Takedown on any difficulty level even before 2.0. However, I would really like a Frozen Snowshoe Shield so I have killed Valkyrie Squad a couple times in an effort to do that.

However, jumping into this on M10 without previously having much time spent in here at all just feels like too much. I keep going down when there are no FFYL type enemies so have no hope of reviving and have to start over again. I’m not really having any issues killing enemies up to that point or anything I just feel like I don’t have a good feel for the fight and starting over every time is so irritating.

So with all that being said does anyone have any tips on staying alive in this fight or should I even bother with M10 at all since I’m looking for the shield and it’s not scaled anyway? In other words, what’s the fastest way for me to farm the best version of this shield I can get without banging my head on the desk?

What character? Seing dead Zane with his barrier and drone is the most secure way to takedown


I’m doing this on Amara with a TTB type build. I have pretty decent gear. I have an Old Gold shield + incendiary M10 Kaoson, OPQ and YC so I’m not really having much trouble killing things but my survival feels bad (at least on the boss fight).

As shields arent presently effected by scaling just turn down the mayhem to a level you are comfortable with. Use some of the newer M6 and cartel weapons with the better anoints and valkyrie squad goes down pretty quickly at any level.

Or cheese it out and use some of the really overpowered stuff like the Yellowcake or a nice Anarchy 20 pellet and quickstack it. OPQ and a good kaoson also work wonders.

There ARE some really nice M10 builds on UTube just avoid the “trick” builds that depend on special circumstances to do their damage and it can get annoying mobbing with those.


Well I’m already mostly doing all that so I guess I just suck. Will maybe have to just turn down the mayhem levels from M10…I just hate having to re-roll them again. :sob:

All I can do is give you general pointers
There is 3 valks:
one with a scythe who tends to go close quarter very fast: careful not to explode yourself with splash weapon and not to be knocked down off the edge.

A valk who floats in the air and throws lightning looking stuff that leaves puddles, avoid these projectiles and the puddles at all cost they mean quick death. Most dangerous one, transformer unefficient.

A valk that is like GenVIII : just strafe the direct missiles and avoid open space because rebunding balls

Generally speaking it is best to stay and control the corridor area at the far side because you are in relative cover than to run around.


Once they release the scaling patch we will be refarming a ton of equipment anyway so for now good practice to do it on lower levels to learn the fight then once you are comfortable and secure with the build you can crank it up.

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Yeah. I think this is what’s killing me. I kill all the adds and this guy rains down electric puddles on me and I can’t escape…and no mobs to revive with. So irritating.

This is exactly why I never bothered with this. I don’t really feel like it’s worth the time spent to have to re-clear the entire zone after every death when you are trying to figure things out.

Observe her, You will see her raises her arm and have ligthning summoned. When she does that just go away ( preferentially out of her sight) and jump a lot


Have you tried a Stop Gap with the "On action skill start, activate any effects that trigger on shield break or fill” Anointment? With Amara you can trigger your action skill often. I use this with the Phasecast on my Amara and I don’t have to much trouble with survivability.

Well yeah…if I’m looking at her it’s easier to avoid but it’s usually when I’m pre-occupied with an add or something so I don’t see it coming in enough time.

I have seen that anoint and thought it would be good on a Stop Gap with Amara but haven’t seen one drop. I have the shield and I have seen the anoint but never together. I do have a transformer…will that protect me from that electricity?

There is a pattern to the fight :
from memory so not sure if 100accurate

  • all the 3
  • scythe one
    -snow one
    -electric one
    -all 3
    So you need to stay calm and observe who is active

Also if you stay in th corridor she can t attack you without going in either front or behind

The electric one is the second to come down.
I suggest you target it first to lower it’s shield so when it comes down alone it’s shieldless and you can take it to half health quicker.

Yes, you can even just carry a spare transformer to use for that particular fight then replace with your favorite shield once done.

transformer do not work on all of her attacks just saying. Puddle wil still kill you.


Well dropping down to M8 and using a Transformer and it was much easier. Killed it first attempt after doing that.

Has anyone done this since the patch today and seen many of the shields dropping now that the dedicated items are split up between Wotan and Squad?

@Sidartha I think I have a spare Stop Gap with that anoint. You can have it, if you like. I’m on PS4 btw.

Thanks for the offer my man but I’m on PC. :frowning: