Valkyrie Squad help

Ah… Well at least I tried to be helpfull :wink:
You could try to farm it from The Pyre of Stars or Trial of Fervor. But then again, farming for a shield just to be able to farm a different shield :joy::rofl:

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So can anyone give any insight on how the drops work in this zone? Valkyrie in particular? My understanding from reading the patch notes is that the shields now drop exclusively from Squad and weapons drop from Wotan. So far I have not seen a shield of any kind drop from Squad (mind you I have only a small number of kills).

Are the dedicated drops just super rare to the point that even this hotfix buff won’t matter? Is the hotfix not working per normal? Is this a fight where the loot just falls over the edge into oblivion?

I’ve had a few frozen snowshoes drop yesterday. I have them if you want one. What anoint are you looking for? Or I could do some runs with you. I’m on PC, too.

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I’m out for tonight but maybe another time. Any anoint that works with Moze is all I care about mostly.

Hey if youre playing with amara and want to instantly kill them use slayer mod. Ties that bind with a generic mob keep one low. As long as its tied to a valkyrie you can do this. Punch the mob. Kaboom

Dont feel bad for doing something they put into the game.

If you wanna regular it.
Use any rocket launcher really and use frost corrosive combos on ase. After shielda down ase ttb easy ull see them die instantly. U can go shock and wear a transformer with spiritual driver. If you want forever shield.

Ties that bind makes this fight trivial slayer or not.

Hope i helped.

Also in my whole time playing i jave never seen that shield ever drop ever. I think i got it off wotan once and chucked it in the garbage back in m4 days. Not shure what dropped it. Wotan or all the gundams that spawned.

They drop backberner for me. Why?! I d k. :ok_hand:

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You don’t suck. It can be tricky. I main Moze and camp the alley behind the spot
where you first arrive. I use a sticky Quasar nade to disrupt enemies approaching and my IB to guard the flank I’m not fighting a Val from. I also use it as a decoy. Monarch is my main weapon with Lob shottie.


When she starts that nonsense run under the platform - the other edge of the map from the elevator - as she can’t hit you and once you come out the other side it should be clear to shoot the hell out of her.

The Valks are a lot more annoying to fight than Wotan for me and she is the worst of tHe three since those electric puddles are stupid dangerous even with the Transformer.

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Thanks for all the info everyone. Definitely been helpful. It was much easier on M8. I didn’t have much trouble once dropping down from M10 with the exception of blowing myself up once with the YC.

I also switched to a Transformer that heals 5% health per second on ASE so not sure if that has added a lot of survivability but my damage is still pretty good (making me question the Old God damage bonus a bit). Now that I know the fight better I could probably move back up but maybe no point if I still get anointed items on M8 and shields don’t scale anyway.

I slay the takedown with driver build amara using transformer.
My mods are -
Speed demon
Mob mentality
Chain gang
Rogue lite
Im speced far enough down brawl to have guardian angel so just in case i get knocked down. Just run around using rad recursion with ase cryo dmg

Saw the post and figured I’d give in to my curiousity and try it as well. Jumped in at M10 with Amara. Made it thru to Wotan and had his bottom half down and got ambushed by a deathsphere as I ran out of ammo…lol.
Wasn’t to disappointed other than the loot or lack thereof. Tried again on M8 and ya… night and day.No prob finishing on M8.

Well I got one! However, my idea to farm this item that I want for Moze using my Amara might have backfired…

WTT Amara Frozen Snowshoe for Moze Frozen Snowshoe! lol.

Is there any way to reset this zone and go back to the start instead of going back to Sanctuary?

Wow…is it really possible for the loot to be this bad on a boss in a raid?

Not a single legendary? o.O

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Yup… I did one more run on M10 and thought it was gonna be better. Disappointing for sure. I got 3 to drop against the Valks. Luciens, artifact and a stop gap. Wotan dropped a Zhaitsev and some other world drop stuff. That was it. Wish it was a little more worthwhile.

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btw is the snowshoe better for freezing than the frozen heart? Apart for the red card stuff I mean

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Same for me. All world trash and Zhaitevs and Vosks from Wotan.

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As far as strategy, what I learned pretty quick is you have to be fairly aggressive, otherwise eventually you will get overrun with all the baddies, all over the place. I play Zane CCC and I haul ass up to where they are (with my redistributor, kaoson, and O.P.Q) and only leave that spawning area to chase after one of the Valkyrie who are being a pain in the butt. Point is - don’t hang out waiting for the action to come to you. Stay in front of it.

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I haven’t used the Frozen Heart personally but the Snowshoe with a Snowdrift artifact i can basically freeze enemies at will…even from a distance if I hit them with my snowball because it counts as sliding.

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What platform are you on? If you are on PC, I have a Frozen Snowshoe with Moze anoint you can have. I got it pre-M2.0, so it’s M0 though, not that it matters since the shields don’t scale.

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Someone actually sent me one with a dmg on ASE that I’m using but if you don’t want it I’ll take it to experiment with. :smiley: Epic name Sidartha_star.