Valve Tuesday! (Hitting head on tree)

Can just blame myself for forgetting it’s Valve Tuesday again…
Had an awesome team just now, BOOM, no connection.



And yeah, it sucks. Damn you, Valve!



Aw, how sweet. I take back all the mean things I’ve never said about you.

We had to eat sometime anyway. You need to at least use Discord’s text chat so next time we forget it’s Tuesday, we can reschedule!

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…You are fun! :smile:

Yes. Use the Discord. Use the Discord.

Hmmm… nope. I’m not very good at this subliminal ■■■■.

Nice to know that you are using the Discord server though. :slight_smile:

Just hit again! Lost an awesome team on the last stage of the Sentinal Advanced.

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I wish we could have the same system in that we have on pvp and be able to requeue with the same team for another map.

True, feel the same.