Vampiric Vestment

Has anyone ever tried Vampiric Vestment with Eldrid Rhythm?
I would imagine this would be awesome considering VV can give you up to 560 HP at ten major kills, and ER another 300.
Potentially an extra 860 HP is huge for her.

I don’t have it yet so am not able to try it out :frowning:

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I have a perfect roll Vampiric Vestment, but I don’t really rate it for Mellka. You can get almost as much health far more cheaply with a flawed blue Eldrid vest. Max HP should be the first piece of gear you activate, not the last, so I’m very leery about legendary vests in general.

Symbiotic Gauntlet is a better offensive/health legendary for her - much more worth the shards.


has anyone tried the pain 2 gain re-knitter? I’m not much of a mellka player but gear wise it’s easier to stack and gives a bit of damage reduction. it’s also a legendary though. make of that what you will.

Pain to gain is another piece I’ve been trying to get, but for Montana.
I don’t mind using legendaries, I always use a 0 cost shard generator so I can activate 2 pretty quick.
I’ve used Symbiotic Gauntlet, works pretty good. Was just wondering if anyone liked the VV.
Makes sense that there are better health option given that you have to kill major enemies.

If you want to stack health than this is what I recommend.

Blue Eldrid max health, gives 280 health plus 210 after surviving for three minutes. potential flaw would be -42 shield recharge per second

Purple rarity Eldrid attack damage and attack speed, both give a secondary of 210 max health and have the flaw potential of minus 140 shield strength.

With this gear setup you can get 910 points of max health in addition to a nice attack speed and damage bonus.

Probably not the best for Mellka but still good on almost any character.

I know a person who knows a person who uses Mellka with
Vampiric Vestment, Symbiotic Gauntlet, and Emergency Auto-Medic/Oath of the Sustained.

It’s scary.


Very very intriguing.

I wish I was brave and selfish enough to run 3x Legendary in PvP. Most I can do is 2 with a free shard gen. :<

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I don’t think Mell really needs a 3x legendary loadout - she gets a far bigger power boost from pouring shards into buildables than she does from any legendary effect in the game. Every time I’ve fought against a gear-heavy Mell, I’ve outlevelled her and gone on to dominate her. First to 5, first to 8, those are the moments that decide who stays on top.

I’m pretty good at hunting enemy Mellkas, though, to be fair. Nobody can counter a character quite like somebody who’s obsessively devoted to her :wink:


I’ve never seen someone run triple legendary and do well.

They’re almost inevitably outlevelled due to prioritising gear over buildables, minions and objectives.

They also tend to starve the rest of the team of shards while selfishly hoarding for gear.

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Well, I would have said the same…if I weren’t in the same team as somebody who usually uses 3 Legendary and does well. Usually the 3rd one won’t go up till late game and sadly little to no building gets done by them BUT if it helps the team, I’m fine with it. I’m usually the main builder so things are always up and running, meaning that 1-2 people prioritizing gear, and using said gear to annihilate the enemy, is Ok.

Even when I run 2 Legendary + Free Shard Gen gear I end up building when I can and only activate gear IF I happen to have the shards somehow.

If health stacking works on Mellka by negating her squishiness, then it’s not wasted shards on Legendary gear, same goes for any character using 3x Legendary in order to optimize performance.

In the end some people like really cheap loadouts (me) and some like really shiny things, I’m not gonna knock ‘em for it (unless it’s useless shiny things ala Shadoculars or sumthin’).

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I have a builders loadout and my other loadouts all have a free shard gen with one exception

Thing is, I can’t think of a triple legendary loadout that is optimal. 1800 shards into shock turrets will give you a bigger health/damage boost from the resulting levels gains (early one) than any one legendary can come close to, on top of the potentially game-transforming skills.

Imho, if somebody isn’t building, they’re not playing optimally - gear regardless.

I don’t understand when I’m in a match where people have all of their cheap gear up and no buildables. THEY GIVE EXP GUYS

And thumpers and shock turrets can decide matches, too! I love it when I see a team drowning in legendaries, yet woefully underlevelled and unable to maintain the shocks and thumpers :wink:

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from what I’ve seen, they end up leveling just as fast or faster by killing enemy battleborn and minions as I do killing minions and building. They usually get 15+ Kills and a bunch of minions/thrall/buildables destroyed, while I’m focusing on building, wave clearing, and potentially getting a few kills. I tend to get the most assists, especially on overgrowth, due to me building yet I have never seen me outright heavily outleveling.

In Overgrowth for example, keeping that mid turret up is a full time job which distracts from pursuing kills, and I’m always keen on that, so I have to remain close so I can put it back as soon as I can. I gather mid shards, wave clear as best I can, and attempt to kill enemies that happen to enter mid (I guess I’m a territorial player lol). Yet my team who knows they don’t really need to worry that much about buildables (since I got them covered), can roam around harassing and assassinating everything around them. They can chase and secure kills without much worry, and save up shards to help them dispose of battleborn and minions/thralls in a quick and timely fashion.

A team full of people with 3x Legendary, now that is not good since nobody will be able to help out with buildables if they prioritize gear. I guess it’s a matter of roles and ability. I’m an awful killer but decent supporter/builder so I do that, while I leave the killin’ to the professionals. IF they were mediocre or bad killin’ machines then it’d be unforgivable for them to not contribute with building over gear.

Those are my thoughts.

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Who do you typically play?

Typically I play Ambra and Ernest. Ambra with 2 free pieces of gear and a Rare, Ernest with an Epic and Legendary. Both always with a free Shard Gen. I build first, buy gear when I can. I support with both either with healing/wave clear/(occasional kills), or wave clear/suppressive fire/Egg buffs.

Whereas I do both, which means I tend to end up killing the enemy killing machines. :wink:

I just think legendaries are vastly overpriced and overrated, even at their best. Early-mid game is critical.

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Hey, I agree with ya buddy. You won’t see me running around with 3 Legendary. lol IF I was a better assassin I would probably end up outleveling everybody as well, sadly I suck at securing kills and usually end up ASSISTING in kills. Highest kills for me in a single game has been 17, while assists have been 40+. Mind you, I usually get my highest kills (10+) in games where I’m NOT in my usual group, since they kill everything so quickly and so much better than me.

Also, I apologize if I have derailed the thread with this conversation.

Vampiric Vestment on Mellka along with her health stacking Helix is decent survival! If I’m not mistaken Mx bots and thralls both count as “Major enemies”. :smiley: