Vampyr, Healing Grenades, and Shields - An In-depth Analysis

Any idea of the hunter-seeker procs vampyr / means of destruction ?

I just found that exact same grenade (minus the annointment). Is it just me or does it spawn more than 6 grenades per chuck? I’m thinking the bouncy attribute makes that happen

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The Cluster F$ck grenade mod has been my best healer by far. With only 3 pts in vampyr (12% , 10% is all I need for my build but 8% felt low and 5 pts is overkill) and 10k hp that’s been converted 220% to shields and reduced to 1 hp left. Then I jump in my bear, exit and my anoit on shield gives 75% bonus Shields AND HEALTH. Now I am sitting at about 17k hp reduced to 1. Ease of execution dictates we round up to 17k hp/% of Vampyr (4%/rank) So now at rank 3 i get just under 2k shields / hit. Cluster F grenade throws 1 grenade, that explodes on contact or delay dealing damage and mirving into 3 more grenades that explode into 3 more grenades for 13 explosions. That is the max effect heal a vampyr Moze can achieve, though its almost impossible to have all explosions hit a single target. The 15% chance to double explosion size is low, but a nice added effect. My nades do 2300 damage /, modified by splash/aoe effects fire in the skag den makes it do insane amounts of damage when used with stoke the embers and experimental munitions. Now when I get out of bear, the shields are not bossted, they need to be healed. I have between 80-100k shields pending on mod used, and one grenade usually fils it in a heartbeat, 45k shields plus in 2 secs, its nice. Im still hunting for a big boom booster with that anointment, then Moze is a god.
Edit note: I also stand in one explosion, or throw the first point blank and run to set myself onfire for Ele Projector.

Has anyone tested if rain or jump proc Vampyr? I know homing with bounce will work the same as homing with MIRV.

Okay. So you actually figured out the trick for the 1 hp thing. That’s awesome. You leaned all the way in. I love it.

That said, just in case it’s not clear, if you manage to hit multiple enemies with one grenade. That actually improves the healing it does. So hitting multiple enemies is amazing.

I’m just sitting here in awe of all of that. By being unable to heal your health. There’s no such thing as diminished returns per grenade. You’ll always get the same OR BETTER results. Brilliant

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Hard to tell, rain singularity grenades threw everything too far for me to trust them :joy:

The very beginning of Tanzendeer Ruins has nothing but a few guardians (only shield/armor).

Thanks :), im waiting for the nerf bat but not a lot of people are doing it as the anoint is hard to get, but even without the anoint its m3 capable, but Circles could be an issue.
Note: im looking for a Lifesteal anointed weapon, or a weapon that lifesteals and does actual damage lol.

Absolutely agree. With the issues for transfusion grenades not working on armor or shields, it’s hard to make a good build for mobbing in all situations without Vampyr.

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It actually makes sense in progression too. “Here’s a way to use grenades to heal”

“I keep running out of grenades”

“here’s more”

“I…I used them too”

“how about some free grenades sometimes?”


Rain definitely proc vampyr.

On xbox at least, I know there are some platform inconsistencies that seems to be bugs atm, so feel I need to clarify that


Good to know I just found a homing rain that also had 2 of the 3: bounce, MIRV or cloning. Can’t remember PS4 turned off at the moment.

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Only the impact. The bullets do not proc.

Tediore shock seems to carry over a bunch of damage on Katagawa Jr, at the very least. He also takes a lot more health damage from a generator blowing up if he has any level of shield vs if he took the hit to his health with shields already down. I noticed the same “chunking” behavior if a Hex hit him for the initial detonation while he still had some shields.

Always a chance of unique functionality (splash related?). A shock sniper would probably be easy enough to test with against regular enemies.

I haven’t been able to put together a proper demonstration for it but I did do a bit of testing for myself.

Using a fire Dahl pistol I isolated a normal bandit. The three numbers I got where:

Damage vs Shields: 1306
Damage vs Shields and Health: 4069
Damage vs Health: 4570

Note: The above where all critical hits.

I guess they wrote the code to make it so the Vault Hunter didn’t get completely dunked by a shock rocket every time? Because that’s the only reason I can think of to make the game do that much work.

I’ve been testing Armored Infantry recently. My testing seems to show that the Damage Reduction is scaling at 3% per level instead of the skills listed diminishing returns.

Can anyone confirm this?

Edit: Here’s my collected results

Terminology wise:
AI = Armored Infantry
Expected Damage is the damage I expected to receive by plugging the card value of AI into: Damage x 1/(1+AI)
AD is the actual damage I received. I did this on two successive hits so I expect the difference between ad1 and ad2 is due to rounding of my shield value.
Predicted Scale is the damage I expect to receive if AI follows a 3% per rank scale instead of the listed.
If Resistance was me checking if the acual damage could be predicted by plugging AI into the resistance equation of: Damage x ( 1 - AI)

Bandit and skag tests where me just clearing all but one out and letting them melee me. The Water Puddle was me shooting a Water Puddle with shock and seeing what my resultant shield was.


how do i properly test it? because what i did just now were shot at the ground once with ogre to see how much shield damage i would take and with 0 points in armored infantry i took 345 shield damage

1p - 345 shield damage
2p - 345 shield damage
3p - 345 shield damage
4p - 345 shield damage
5p - 345 shield damage

=P though i suppose since my gun damage goes up about the same rate as the damage reduction it… make sense to see no change, maybe? i’m horrible with math.

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If you check my original post you’ll see the tests I did are now listed. I also originally tried splash damage and found it to have no effect on self damage. Although I admittedly forgot about AI’s damage boost :man_facepalming:

Thanks for testing.

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