Vampyr procs of Tediore reloads

I noticed this the other day when running a creature slaughter when I had to do the Tediore weapon kills for the bonus. I am curious as to weather this is intended or not. Vampyr clearly states that it activates of Thrown grenades. Iron Bears Grenade launcher dose not work, nor do Torgue shotguns that fire grenades.

Tediore reloads also proc “Pull the Holy pin” to crit. This crit can also trigger “experimental munitions” in the SOR skill tree to add 10% bonus fire damage. Find your self a Tediore gun with Homing MIRVs and you’ll have a great time with Moze.


Iv been using a Baby Maker as my pistol with Iron Bank (Mag size) Pull the Holy Pin, and Redistribution I often shoot a crit reload and get ammo back faster then a DOT brings you down in BL2 on OP10. Torgue Moze is cool but I’m seeing huge potential in Tediore Moze.

I imagine it is intended. In BL2 Tediore reloads were boosted by grenade damage and functioned in alignment with all grenade boosting skills. So yeah it probably is intentional.

Although, only Gbx devs would know for sure.

It’s not game breaking or op in anyways so I think it’s just another cool think for Moze to play with.

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Now Tediore reloads are boosted by: gun damage, splash damage, nade damage, AoE damage and mag size

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There were in BL2 as well, minus AOE damage because that is a new stat.

I don’t remember Tediore reloads were boosted by gun damage skills in BL2, apart from the avenger.

I believe it was factored in with the bullet damage.

I don’t think gun damage boosted them but mag size (remaining mag when chucked) and Grenade damage.

It’s based on how much damage each bullet would do and how many are left. The damage then factors in Grenade and Splash damage and bang boom you can on short low level mobs.

I’m mixing homing divider grenades with a Tediore turret shotgun, a Tediore SMG that homes in when reloaded with the mind sweeper COM and it just destroys everything.

It is intended, clearly Iron Bear grenades are excluded explicitly from certain talents and so for Iron Bear grenades it is not a surprise

It’s also any grenade fired from a gun. Grenades from a single fire Torgue shotgun or a Valdof Underbarrle are also excluded. Basically if a gun shoots it Vamper will not proc. If it is thrown from you hand your all good.

By this logic if say The Cradle from BL2 was in this game it would proc Vamper. Kinda hope they give that shield another try. It was a really cool concept that just was poorly balanced.