Vapor Hoodlum Trinket Keeps Disappearing

So for some reason I received two (2) Vapor Hoodlum trinkets in the mail around the time the G, L, & T dlc came out. I redeemed one and then as of this new update it disappeared. I redeemed the other one yesterday and I log back in today and it’s gone again. Please fix this issue and give me my bling bling back


We didn’t have the spares to try reactivating it, but my girlfriend, her brother, and I are all missing this trinket as well on PS4. I had it equipped on my Hellshock, replaced it with a different one, but when I tried to put Vapor Hoodlum on a different weapon it wasn’t showing up in my list anymore.


Ok good to know I’m not the only one having this issue (although I’m sorry you guys are having it too). I just put in a support request with 2K and we’ll see how that goes but I don’t thank anything will be truly fixed until they come out with a patch to fix all the “mayhem” that the Mayhem 2.0 update caused


I also received that trinket in the mail but now it’s missing.

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Same here. I ended up with two and they both disappeared. That’s one of my favorite ones, too.