Variable storylines?

In bl2, in the mission “dam fine rescue” if you don’t kill warden fast enough it takes Roland to the friendship gulag and you have to break him out. This got me thinking… What if other story missions were failable with actual consequences to the story in bl3?

For instance in bl2 when you meet Lilith the bloodshots attempt to overrun her hideout, say if you spend to long trying to fight them off they take you and lilith to the stronghold? Alternatively when you meet angel if you worked quick enough Jack doesn’t make it their in time to shoot Roland? Changing the way the story plays out entirely?

Seems like it would be a good way to have more in-game content and make subsequent playthoughs more interesting.

I would love too see this type of things in bl3.


This sounds interesting. Maybe if you keep failing, you eventually find a rare boss to fight, a secret area, or some other easter egg not in the vanilla game. Kind of like when you “fail” to kill a varkid, it evolves, etc.


Never thought about it but letting varkids evolve is essentially failing lol.