Various Bugs I Noticed (updated 4.22.15)


  1. My kushan teammate captured an enemy carrier (vaygr) and scuttled said carrier while having all his other capitals intact. He was ‘defeated’.
  2. Trying to capture a hiig battlecruiser maneuvering up/down with hiig marines is very difficult, they don’t mount easily.

1… When selecting units, the UI i.e. the icon and most importantly the number of selected units, is way too small. It’s difficult to read.
2. When scroll wheeling through the research menu, it will also scroll-zoom your camera too. I think it shouldn’t do that if your mouse is over the research window.


  1. Hyperspacing in the direction of an enemy gravity well will take you all the way to said gravity well.
  2. Hyperspacing a ship inside a gravity well, when <50% capped by a marine frigate, will detach them.


  1. Custom maps crash/won’t load if people don’t already have said maps downloaded.


  1. Custom badges do not show up in-game or in-lobby.


  1. Chat character limit in lobby/in-game is too short.
  2. Chat in the in-game chat window will get cut off if typed faster than it disappears.
  3. Game filters do not save


  1. When players are defeated and leave or otherwise drop from the game, there is always a good 30-60s lag.
  2. When the host kicks a lagging player, the host also gets dropped for ‘out of sync’


  1. Repeated audio alerts, something like 'Enemy probe detected" during early game. No enemy probes in sight.

I’m sure there are many more.


This definitely needs some work as it happens too often. Marine and infiltrator frigates struggle with latch points on large capital ships if they are oriented at unusual angles (pitching up and down especially) - the same annoyance happens with salvettes too.

I was the opponent. I’m not sure what you mean. Was it the first or second game?

If it was the first, I had another carrier hidden in a dust cloud, so I was still alive.

The odd thing I noticed was even though my carrier was being salvaged, I could still build from it.

Stranger still is that when it’s captured all of your ships will exit it. Booby-trap the carrier by loading it up with dozens of misslevettes/laservettes/hmfs/whatever you like.

That tickled me. I like that idea. That is an amazing booby-trap

Probably would make more sense to launch your ships and prevent your carrier from being captured in the first place…

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I’d also add a strange phenomenom when your mothership or carrier is being destroyed and few seconds earlier you click autolaunch. All your vessels just pop there and you don’t lose any of them. Had it before in my previous game.

That has happened to me. I was happy I didn’t lose everything.

But this is not something that should have place.

updated today, hope the devs have seen this topic