Various loot drop bugs

So… after playing dozens of hours, trying to beat Slaugterstar 3000 on MH3, we have found various bugs.

First thing is, that after the last patch, me and my GF have the same legendary loot drops. Like exactly the same - same dropspot, same stats. We are playing cooperation and we had different loot for all the time, until the last patch.

Second thing is, that we have still the same loot drops. Again this is happening from the moment of the patch. For example ASMR, Monocle, Butcher - we had like 6 od them in 2 hours. Nothing else dropped.

Third thing is, that from the first week of the game release, none of us had seen loot tink from that time! I mentioned this like 3 times here in threads, no change, no adjustment. I have 4,5 days of playtime on my FL4K and no loot tink. Playing only MH3 - there are no better conditions for them to spawn and we havent seen a single one!!!

Anyone else experience that?