Varkid Evolution just got Better!

Mighty Vault Hunters.

If you have gone down the Handsome route and were familiar with spawning Vermiverous, it’s now just got a whole lot better/harder - which is awesome. On the PS3 we only had 6 varkids spawn in one patch, now we can have 9. This makes the evolution process a whole new ball game. Caustic Caverns turns insane very quick, and the Farmhouse method still works but really keeps you on your toes. Been having a ball the past 24hrs, and using stuff to kill him I never tried before. So, TIP OF THE DAY: Don’t chuck your Ladyfist, because with a Bee shield it wrecks him!! Farmhouse and Caverns tested.

Yeah I noticed the spawn rate increase. Most noticeably after me and some dudes were just trying to get past Tina’s segment and the swarm of Varkids we ignored turned into 4 Ultimate Badass’s and God knows how many regular Badass’s.