Varkid Raid Boss, New Story Missions, and More Coming in Director's Cut

Sow’s ear sold as silk purse…

Just noticed on an announcement for the director’s cut that it’s adding 4 new legendarys to arms race. Dunno if this means there’s 4 items that are found in the director’s cut content and they’ll drop in arms race, or if it’s 4 new items that only drop in arms race. Guess they really want people to buy the season pass 2.

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I think it will only drop in Arms Race. If you’re talking about the Gearbox announcement, the composition (Have Designer’s Cut? Four new pieces of gear in Arms Race) makes me think it will be Arms Race exclusive.

Edit: they also mention everything separately, that which edition what will include.

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The problem is around half of all gearbox announcements are badly worded and end up meaning something different to what we think they might, so it’s iffy. I’d assume they mean you ONLY get those items in arms race, but maybe not. Guess we’ll see.


Can you link it?


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They should add more maps to Arms Race, one for every planet.
And please change the music.


Won’t hurt. Agonizer 9000 lets you pick music in that arena, so there is precedent already, no?

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Sadly that is only available for the elevator ride and only during story.


I honestly don’t see the point in adding 4 more legendaries to arms race, the rewards and class mods (besides FL4K’s, which sucks) are pretty good already. If anything, that will only make it so it’s harder to get the loot you want from the boss.

I see the reason why they are adding this. One is promotional purpose, second 4 chests have only two dedicated items in the pool. With this new loot every chest will have 3 items.


And/or different bosses.

Is there any particular reason you never capitalize your sentences? Or write coherently? I just can’t take your posts seriously because of that. Even if I could understand your posts to begin with I can’t take them seriously.


I hope it’s good too, but sometimes it seems gearbox puts more into hype than game substance.


The way I read it was they will be adding four new bits of gear to Arms Race so you will simply need the Designer’s Cut to access them. One of the new pieces of gear could be the Ice Age rocket launcher found in the files connected to Arms Race back. It’s essentially a Nukem with more radius, greater damage and locked to, you guessed it, cryo.


Like many people I’ve gone back to playing Borderlands 2 instead, and if I’m being completely honest I find BL2 way more fun to play than BL3. I just wish enemy mob density was higher in BL2. Seems dumb to not have increased that for the PS4/XBO version. Any chance we could get a re-remaster of BL2 for PS5 and Xbox Series? That would be awesome.

Let’s just hope Gearbox learns from their mistakes and that they do better with the next game. Hopefully Tiny Tina’s Wonderland will be better than BL3. Hopefully. And for the love of God please make sure you test the splitscreen properly this time, Gearbox. And get the onscreen icons and hud elements right as well. What the hell text/icon size was used for BL3 splitscreen? Minus 500? You need the eyesight of Superman to be able to see the onscreen hud elements and icons when playing splitscreen in BL3. Who tested this and thought it was ok? Game testers are dropping the ball lately.