Varkid Raid Boss, New Story Missions, and More Coming in Director's Cut

I was thinking of how Barbaric Yawp doesn’t (or didn’t?) apply to any of the loader bot pets and things similar to that. Just skills that you would assume should work but just don’t apply for whatever reason. There are/were plenty of similar cases (many with the new skill trees) but tbh I haven’t been keeping up with the hotfixes


Ok lets get specific…ASA 200, Sent Cryo, Gamma burst. Its sad when you cant swap weapons in the middle of your AS. If that was an “intended” feature then it only leaves one other explanation and its incompetence. But its worse than that because you have to add arrogance and disregard to that as well. Knowing the issues have exsisted this long and not addressing them is inexcusable. I didnt even touch base on most of Fl4k’s purple tree doesnt even function. And theres other issues down other characters trees. You might not have noticed these issues because of the “window dressing” this game gives you graphically but its there and the game suffers greatly because of it.


If I’m not mistaken, ASA 200 always behaved that way (no swaps), but SNTL Cryo did not. Now they are consistent. I’m not saying that you should like this particular game mechanic (assuming it’s a feature and not a bug) and you obviously prefer the original SNTL Cryo behavior. But -
we don’t know what the original intent was. That’s all.

If I did not notice these flaws by just playing the game, then I don’t really suffer greatly from their existence. Ignorance is bliss, in some cases :slight_smile: YMMV, of course.

P.S. I did get some fun out of Fl4k’s purple tree as well. AS was a nice diversion and it has some nice pet buffs, I thought. I’m not a min-maxer/theory crafter, though.

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Who wouldn’t prefer the original sent cryo? Another thing is i have a hard time wrapping my head around sent cryo working with weapon swaps before and ASA not. That means that one of those has been broken from the beginning. Gamma burst worked with weapon swaps as well. So one(ASA) was broke before, which wasnt enough for gearbox because they had to break the other two that did. Those are builds destroyed. Thats a big deal. Look i can see you enjoy the game and i do too. I just refuse to let gearbox get away with this garbage and refuse to fix it.

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A specific example of a skill not working correctly is the loader bot not stacking frenzy when the other 3 pets do. This cannot be intended.


I’m aware of the Directors Cut and looked into it. As for purchasing it, not at this time.

Is there any game nowadays that you buy and pay full price at all I wonder? For the last 5-8 years I only purchased one game on full price (Anthem, that was the biggest letdown in my entire gaming life though)… I’ve only purchasing games with 75-90% discounted content
BL3 was the same, I think its worth the 20 EURos, but expansions not worth more than 10EURos (so I’m waiting for the season pass to be discounted to like 10-12 EURos).
Same with any other games, none of the games worth the full price ever, cosnidering they are non-finished, full of game breaking bugs (not small minor issues), freezing, or nvidia need to fix the gpu driver so it will work properly, etc.
Another example is Horizon Zero Dawn PC. Can’t wait for the game to go down in price, but you could read that people who bought the game had serious fps and speed issues with the game in the first 1-3 months. It is now probably fixed, and slowly getting some discounts. It will worth 10-15 EUROS also and I get a good experience with the game, 1 year after the release.

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The last one I purchased full-price pre-order was this game and I certainly learned my lesson, especially when it comes to anything associated with GBX.

I know it is foolish, especially now days, to pay full price considering how games are now being released in a “release now fix later” state but being an older gamer that has played through the years I also like to support companies that I feel do good by their products, GBX used to be one of them based on the previous entries in the series and the experience we had with them. My PC is fairly old so most of my gaming is now done on consoles. Sadly wish more companies put out demos like they did with Outriders recently (going to try that this weekend)

On a side note though it will be tough to not rush out and get the next Horizon Zero Dawn when it releases because the first game was great in my opinion.


HZD totally worthwhile great game , great story . On the map from where your home starts in the southwest part of the map you’ll see a little place that’s a dead end you can farm mods there in the beginning of the game save some , sell what you don’t want then follow the story line that way you start out with some better gear .

P.S. I forgot to tell you the best gear is in the dlc there this trader in the far north of the map he’s by a dam but you can only buy them with this gems they want, some are easy to get some are not so easy but the gear is worth it .


Had not one crash in 600hrs on my 360.


Neither did I nor on my PS3.

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Blurred Trickster, B0RE, Grog/DPUH and Bloodsplosion chains were all guilty of crashing my old 360.

Hmmm…Honestly though I never had a crash that I can recall while playing BL2, and that was with split screen and online with others as well. Yeah at times the FPS would drop a little when there was a lot on screen but nothing unbearable.


I was going to ask how much multiplayer was involved. I rarely played solo(game almost always public). I would wager that I crashed at least once almost every session.

Consoles and co-op are a different issue. I see none of that on PC. But, I don’t even own a console anymore… I have emulators for some old school classic games and that’s about it. A keyboard and mouse give you so much better control. I couldn’t imagine trying to play with a controller. I mean, I could learn, because I would just train myself by playing, but the whole process and thought of a controller is off putting.

So the base game isn’t broken. Just certain ways that people would like to play is broken. Hopefully, with the new merger, console co-op players will get more love.


The fact that you don’t consider console co-op base game is pretty concerning.

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Not even the evil smasher glitch crashed my 360. Used an infinity pistol with 300+ bullets. It was really laggy while the evil smasher glitch Ed but never crashed my 360.

I’ve played PC co-op without issue. But no, I don’t see it as a base game thing. It’s an option you have as a player. A lot of options have issues, but that doesn’t mean the base game is the problem. Look, I know there are console issues and issues with certain interactions… But for me, the game has been pretty flawless since release. And by that, I mean my ability to boot up and jump right in and start playing. I have well over a thousand hours into BL3 and have enjoyed the whole experience. You have not, and I feel for you in that regard. But the base game plays well.

Again, this is just my opinion and the way I look at games. I’m more of a solo player… But if your intention is to play co-op, then yeah, it would be a problem for you that it doesn’t work as intended. But even then, it depends on your individual circumstances.

Feel for you there, kind of where I am currently with BL3, hence why I quit playing the game. The only game on the 360 that gave us fits was Oblivion but it didn’t even start until we had sunk 100+ hours into it (yeah we explored…ALOT) then it became pretty unstable and the save files were corrupted by then.

As for PC, I enjoy playing games on it awhile back when it was new and still every now and then fire up Diablo 2 or 3 (most of the time that one though is played co op on the console) It was a learning curve with FPS on a console I will agree to that but isn’t super terrible. I guess I’m pretty simplistic in just firing up a console and enjoying some relax time playing co-op with the significant other, especially during this pandemic.


You could win a medal for those Olympic level mental gymnastics.

The game is advertised as a co-op game whether you play it that way or not, and BL3 just doesn’t hold up to the other games in terms of stability. I get you like the game and want to defend it, but don’t try to take away from frustrated people that DO have consistent issues trying to play


Wasn’t taking away anything from anyone. If you can vent your frustrations, I can give my own experience with the game. From what I’ve seen in the year and half that the game has been out, most of any major issues are with consoles. Correct me if I’m wrong, but co-op on PC is still very functionable…maybe not cross platform (Epic/Steam), but the times I did play co-op were fine for me.

Multi-player is always on option in Borderlands games. It’s not necessary for the base game.