Vaughn and Rhys GTFO

I turn off the Dialogue Volume when either of them is involved because they are really just impossibly irritating. Claptrap is funny-annoying because he’s been there from the start. Vaughn and Rhys are kill-me-annoying.

  1. They are only there to do mission turn-ins. Is there a male Bechdel Test? Because I would prefer a lamp to either of them.
  2. “BLOOD FUUUUUUEEEED!” Yeah, but, you’re not even a combat NPC. I have to do all the work, and I wouldn’t have to do it if you weren’t an annoying POS.
  3. “BLOOD FUUUUUUEEEED!” omfg stfu already
  4. “BLOOD FUUUUUUEEEED!” Dude, I will kill you myself.

Seriously. Stupid and irritating is not the same as funny.




I don’t care for them either… But then again I didn’t care for handsome jack


I actually quite enjoyed both Rhys and Vaughn in Tales. The issue is that literally everything that they are involved with in BL3 - sucks and/or is annoying. Their involvement in BL3 is contrived, overdone, and contains none of the things that made them endearing in Tales.

Rhys gets credit for still loving Sasha (obvious plus), being friends with Fiona (ditto), and not being as annoying as Vaughn, at least. Vaughn is just plain annoying and doesn’t even actually bring much of anything to the table in BL3’s story.

I’d take Tales Rhys back. BL3 Rhys - you guys can keep. Vaughn was only interesting in the first place because Rhys was interesting. They can keep Vaughn for that same reason also LOL.


why Gbox break their Bromance, i don’t know.


You’re alive? :upside_down_face:

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It is actually refreshing to see someone bashing another character than “That girl whom you can t name without triggering a shitstorm” :joy:

Yes, Rhys and Vaughn got the short stick of a generally mediocre writing. The only moment Vaughn is funny is in the quest parodying tv quizz when you help him seducing the local bandit show hostess.


Rhys was good. Vaughn was fine in small doses, but he became your main contact on Pandora and got a bit annoying with his constant war crys.


Vaughn in Tales had the character arc of being the nervous guy living in Rhys’s shadow who eventually uses his experience on Pandora to lead the survivors of Helios in building a new life.

And then they just killed all those survivors off screen and now Vaughn runs around in his underwear screaming about being a bandit.

And Rhys and Vaughn are now on separate planets and all the people they bonded with (and fell in love with) in Tales are nowhere to be found.


Rhys was fine.

Vaughn, on the other hand, is a inssuferable, gargantuan cringelord. He’s like a socially awkward person who is trying his hardest to sound cool and badass, by saying his stupid and unfunny lines at the wrong time.

Vaughn is actually part of the problem of the humor and dialogue in this game… Whoever came up with those lines for characters like Vaughn, probably never had a proper interaction with another human being irl, and are probably just as awkward as him.

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“Seriously. Stupid and irritating is not the same as funny.”

Yep, that is the case for the whole game sadly.

The thing is, Vaughn and Rhys were great in Tales from the borderlands, unfortunately the writers of that game are loooong gone and this is the result.