Vault Card 3 Diamond keys

Gearbox, cmon man. You could at least up the percentage for the diamond key drops. Weve seen all the available merch. I’ve had like 1 diamond key from all of vault card 2 and none so far on card 3 at level 10.

Do it for Digby bay’beh

RNG is a female dog

I got a Diamond Key on the first level of Card 3…

I do agree though… On the other 2 cards (both at level 100+) I have earned just 5 Diamond Keys…

I got 500 eridium from first VC3 chest :confused: The most useless reward cause I have like 300k. VC rewards should be limited to cosmetics and keys.


I’m quite specific in the way I unlock Vault Card items to just be as quick as I can:

  1. Go for all 1 key rewards, followed by all 2 key rewards, followed by 3 and then 4.
  2. Switch to unlocking gear/weapons. These cannot be unlocked in chests so while you get the 20 or so keys required to have one anointed version of all VC gear/weapons. While I am getting these keys, every chest gives me a free chance of getting a 5 key cosmetic.
  3. Once I have all the gear/weapons I want, collect whichever 5 key cosmetics remain.
  4. Make sure the 25% XP Science booster is on at all times.

I’m probably going to switch on later and go after Scraptraps until I :pray: get the Ghoul Metal Grey weapon skin. Been farming for that thing for ages now.


Thats my strat since first vault card.

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My strat has been to go for the weapons first since, to my knowledge, they don’t unlock from the chest, but the skins, heads, etc might. Plus gear that needs an anoint effectively costs twice as much.

I like the cosmetics so much on this VC I may not adhere to my normal method. Those heads are super cool.

Also, my wife and I noticed that the grenade on VC3 actually has an anoint. Are y’all seeing that as well?

Yep! Glitch or intentional, I’ll take it. :slight_smile:

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As someone who only started playing in July and is constantly low on Eridium I appreciate the 500 E bricks even if it’s really not much in the long run.

Still, to be on topic, Diamond key RNG sucks. It was funny to watch streamers yesterday struggling to unlock items because they kept getting Diamond keys meanwhile I’ve just been getting the new cosmetics from chests.


No, getting eridium no matter what step of your journey is just bad. You can easily farm eridium with multiple ways, and you can only get Vault Card keys/rewards from VC chests. In later levels like idk 20, 30 etc. it will take a lot of time to level up a Vault Card, so seeing eridium as reward is disappointing.


Your chance at diamond keys should go up the higher you get in levels. I was grinding a ton at level 100 on card 2 and unlock a chest just to get ONE vault key. That is just weak from Gearbox

Hey dude, I think I could get you a Ghoul Metal Grey skin. Wanna keep farming or do you want me to ask around ?

@damien_hine @GrzesPL or anybody really.
I‘m curious, what VC level are you by the time you‘ve unlocked everything once?

My luck with VC 1+2 & 3 so far was something like this: I will get a single Diamond Key between level 1-3, after that only Eridium till around level 16 with one or two trinkets if I‘m veeeery lucky and after this mostly 1 Key.

I pretty much never get/got the cosmetics which is the whole reason of this thing, so I have to buy them all myself. I usually start with the heads and after that go for whichever trinkets, skin etc. I like and can afford, so I get the chance for the duplicate keys, leaving only the weapons for last.

This whole endeavor usually ends somewhere around VC level 50-63 and 20h+ of Scraptrap farming :sob:

Is your method much faster?

It’s not faster, just more key efficient. If you buy the low price rewards with keys, you maximize your chances of getting heads/skins as reward so no need to use 4-5 keys to unlock them, in the end you will have more keys to spent on VC items.


Very kind of you to offer, but someone else already did. This an awesome place, right? Many thanks to @GrzesPL :+1:

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