Vault card 3 predictions?

So, we’ve had fallen heroes and welcome to Pandora, but anyone want to take a guess at what the next/last vault card will be?
I’m torn between the idea that it’ll focus on favourite villains (obviously Jack, but others too, like Dr Ned), or some preview of the future (wonderlands, etc). What do you think?

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Probably will be dominatrix themed with a weapon called the whip and some rubber mask heads.

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the theme of it is cut content
it will focus on unreleased content and only offer a bunch of artifacts
and all challenges are
kill an enemy, but each different challenge adds something like
kill an enemy, and jump within 50 minutes, or run once within 10 minutes, or slide within 30 minutes and it will count all kills made during that time

an artifact that will enable mayhem 1.0
an artifact that will buff all weapons of purple or lesser quality by around 250%
an artifact that will enable rare special bosses like vermi to spawn from wild varkids
an artifact that will reduce all eridium cost everywhere by 70%
an artifact that will make dedicated drops more likely ( aka increase legendary drop chance for that)
an artifact that will make all gear you receave automatically gain an annointment
an artifact that will enable mission rewards from dlcs to drop in the overworld ( while in said dlc)
an artifact that will buff auto buff any legendary under ( insert number) of damage above said number


if everything is allowed, i want Borderlands x Alien/Predator… because i rly want a Yautja mask for Fl4k

otherwise “villains” is already a good idea or maybe “eridian” because I rly liked those skins/heads from the presequel

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Assuming Vault Card 3 will launch in the November/December time frame I wouldn’t be surprised if we got a bunkers n’ badasses theme to generate hype for the Tina game launching in early 2022.


I too bet it’s Wonderlands themed.

My predictions for the customisations are:

Amara - Tiny Tina

FL4K - Frette

Zane - Dragonlord

Moze - Captain Valentine

Or Moze and Zane switched.

And if that is the case I am pretty dissappointed with them, I hoped for something unique not just re-using attire from existing character models, each single time.

The Str4nger head was also already used by Fragtrap in TPS.


Had a similiar thought:

It will be an artifact that solves another of their half assed fixes, it will disable modifiers for Mayhem mode 1-10.


Or one that gets rid of the chest cooldown.

After the Shlooter it wouldn‘t even surprise me if they would just give the VC3 gear the effects of currently bugged gear/skills instead of seriously fixing them.

Eridian would be neat. Especially since Eridians or their artefacts (vaults, relics, etc.) have been in every game of the series.