Vault Card Difficulties

Playing as Amara at level 72 on PC I have been trying to get the keys to allow me to get one of the awesome legendary weapons. Now after several weeks of battling all I have to show are 3 useless trinkets and 2 decorations. Is there something I am missing? Is there any trick to getting the keys?

It is totally random.

For some reason the exp gain on different difficulty/mayhem levels is also bugged.

For the most xp gain make sure you‘re playing on TVHM with mayhem turned off!

Even then it is a massive grind. With the above + xp booster and xp artifacts it will still take probably around 20h+ just farming Scraptraps to get every single item a vault card has to offer.

If this is what people are going through, they really need to buff some of the vault card legendaries. Gold Rush… Troubleshooter… Corruption… Sidewinder… Rest are pretty good from what I can tell.

The fastest methods of gaining XP are good, but very repetitive.

As said above, you will want to be at either TVHM without Mayhem or NVHM Mayhem 1 and you want to either kill the final boss of DLC3, the Ruiner or kill Scraptraps in DLC1.

Only exception here: Moze can also farm the final boss of DLC2 instead as, for some odd reason, Auto Bear can easily one-shot it with corrosive railguns (and seemingly with other weapons as well, but I haven’t tested that yet).


The RNG gods are fickle

seriously play the borderlands science game to get points for an xp booster or add me on steam and I will mail you a shlooter I am diogenes49 there also

This card is bugging me–I’m at level 30 and so far about 15 chests have been eridium (I’m at level 140 and 120 on the other two cards and have had about 10 eridium rewards in total), which I think needs to be removed as a reward–it’s so easy to get just through playing the game–I have over 160,000 eridium I will never spend.

A more enjoyable XP route, though longer in time, is the Slaughter Shaft with the cartel event operational. You can get about one XP level per playthrough and at least it’s not as repetitive as killing bosses or even the scraptraps. If playing on PS4 this is preferable given with load times it would take you longer to level up killing bosses than it playing the Slaughter Shaft.


And here I thought I just had bad luck with around a quarter of my chests being Eridium so far. If you ask me, then those chests should not be removed outright, but should only appear in 10% of the chests max AND should at least grant enough E to reroll 10 times and fight Hermi 5 times, so 2500 Eridium, not just 500 E, which only gives you 2 rerolls or 1 Hermi run.

It seems to me that Gearbox heavily balanced the rewards towards an absurdly dedicated crowd of players. Casual players will feel ripped off that way as it will take them weeks to unlock just a handful of things.

If Gearbox wanted the most dedicated people to grind away, then it would have been enough to just add a “spend X keys” option that grants any 1 random legendary per key spent from any of the DLC’s, including DLC 5 and 6.

Alternatively they could have made it so that…

  • Vault Card 1 would have granted legendaries from DLC 1 and 2
  • Vault Card 2 from DLC 3 and 4
  • Vault Card 3 from DLC 5 and 6

And in case you don’t own any of the DLC you get a random legendary from the base game instead, including Mayhem 4 & 6 stuff. Basically, Gearbox should have given us the option to use the skull keys to get random rewards from DLC content. That would have kept the most “addicted” people motivated, at least somewhat.