Vault Card Question

Earlier in the game I got the Super Soldier Shield when at level 68. I am now at level 72. When I get sufficient keys and if I re-roll the Super Soldier shield, apart from gaining an annointment ,will it also scale it up to my current level 72?

Yes. Vault card rewards will always be at your character level when you roll them.


Yes you get another one in your inventory at your level which you can equip.
If you switch to a high mayhem level when re-rolling then the chances are very, very good that it will be anointed.
I personally have played a number of characters and put numerous SS shields in the piggy bank at various levels for my new characters to use.

I don’t know why they call it ‘re-roll’ when you essentially just ‘buy’ another version.
Semantics I guess but I think it should just be ‘purchase’.