Vault Card Two?

Anyone heard anything about the second card? Can’t recall any info on it. Figured we’ll about due for #2.

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I know they are all set to be released by the end of this year. Since the first one came out in April, and that would give them 9 months to release three. So three months each would make sense. That would mean we are due this month. I get the feeling they might hold off on Vault Card two until the Two Year Anniversary of the release of BL3 though.


That’s a good thought about releasing the 2nd card on the 2nd anniversary. Which probably means card 3 would be early next year in the lead up to Wonderlands.

Personally I would prefer to have 2nd card to come out ‘now’, or early August, instead of waiting till mid September. Then if 3rd one gets out in December, we have roughly 4 month intervals between their releases, which makes some sense to me as far as pacing.

Given how XP for VC is structured, progress really slows down at higher VC levels, so I would not mind to get a new batch of quick rewards from new cards here :slight_smile: .


No disagreement here. Would like to have a new card sooner rather than later. I’m pretty much at the end of the current card ( haven’t unlocked a few weapons) and wouldn’t mind something new to work on.

Especially if they get the dailies working properly. Wonder if that’s the hold up?

Could be - although, my guess would be it’s all of the other high priority bug fixes and/or features that they want to be included in the next patch. I’m assuming that release of the next VC will come via patch and not a hotfix.

Edit: anecdotally, most of my dailies have been working as intended lately. Small sample size, though.


Probably on the next patch very soon i hope , 1 month - no hotfix maybe this is why …

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