Vault Card XP Economy

My daily’s are all over the place, don’t refresh for a few days and when they do you get halfway through and they reset again after an hour or so. Pretty much want to give up but paid real money and just want a diamond out of principle now

we all deserve some diamond keys as payment for the daily challenges not working.


This is the issue I have with the system. People are going to want the highest quality items possible, meaning M10/M11 drops. Why should those levels be punished with lower XP?

I think the VCXP should scale with Mayhem levels. Since GB is hellbent on forcing the Mayhem modifiers on us, they can keep the M10 xp scaling over the M11 scaling. But we should not be running TVHM M0 or Normal M1 to get the best VC experience. Especially with the world-drop nerf and the other RNG crap for dedicated drops.

I don’t understand the logic behind the xp rewards. Are we or are we not supposed to do end-game content?