Vault Cards and Diamond Keys Quick Guide

That always forces a re-roll of your modifiers. The only place that doesn’t do that is Sanctuary (for some reason).

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Is It possible to remove blue gear from the Diamond armory? Just got my second key after 60+ Vault Card levels and the majority of the guns were blue/purple.

Come on Gearbox, BLUE gear in the rarest thing to get to in the game?


I have collected all the rewards, but I keep getting regular keys. Can I do anything else with them besides re-rolling parts for the 4 weapons/shield on top(which I really don’t use)?

If you already have all rewards the keys can only be used on new gear.

What I would like to know - will new vault cards use their own keys, or will we be able to use the ones we accumulated from the first VC? If it’s the latter, then there might be a reason to stockpile keys for now.

I would say each VC will have separate set of keys the same as own level and progress.


Dev said on a past stream that each card will have its own key so stockpiling for new gear will not be possible

source: Graeme Timmins on the March 30 2021 Bordercast


Again, then they are totally useless. Unless I want to keep re-rolling parts for the current vault card four main items(super soldier, guardian, mechanic, bird of prey) in order to get other, better anointments…which I don’t since I do not use those items at all.
Example: An option to convert/exchange 10(or 20 or…) regular keys for one diamond key ONLY AFTER having unlocked all items would be very nice, something worth farming for.