Vault Cards very Confusing

I’m just about to complete level 4 on my Vault Card progress, however its operation is so confusing its not real. I have opened 3 chests but only got 2 keys. Does this mean the chests can be empty? Initially I am trying to get the legendary shield but non of the other stuff (Skins, trinkets, etc). Although my screen shows 2 keys the when I hover over some of the junk items with only 1 key it still shows as locked … why? The legendary item I am trying to get states “Re-roll item parts” preesing ‘E’ does nothing. What should it do? Finally the item I want (the Super Soldier Shield) just shows a big question mark and all the details have vanished. The purple shield emblem on the right hand side shows a curved arrow whereas all the other legendary items show a lock. Help …

You can get any of the items on the card.

First one of the weapons/artifact/shield is just as the card shows and non anointed. The ones you get after are rerolls (different stats/parts)

The bottom/cosmetics you unlock once (opening chest or getting them with keys wich i do not recommended doing) when you roll a cosmetic you already own you get a key.

It can roll 1-3 keys (random)

It can roll a diamond key (room under the bridge on sanctuary where you get 3 walls with legendaries and you can pick 1 of each shield, gun and grenade)

And it can roll 500 eridium

If you see the item card it means you haven’t unlocked it yet and you’ll receive that item. After that you see the question mark and then you get a random variation of that item (and anointed)

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^ Depends on mayhem level. At low mayhem it’s not guaranteed to be anointed, same as enemy loot drops.

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Item from current Black Market pool is also possible reward from VC chest. The same pool is used for 4th item in Diamond Armory.

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Oh yeah forgot all about that :sweat_smile:

Weird flaw in the system imho :wink:

Also a reason why i dislike weaponscaling.

In diamond room the final item gift is one of Black Market too

Anyone else accidentally pressed the activation card button then spent 5 keys on the top right item.
I really wish there was a confirm notification or are you sure you want to spend keys on any item.

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Here’s a summary of sorts that covers what other people have said in layman’s terms:

When you are rewarded chests they can unlock an Item on the main Vault Cart that is currently locked, which you can click and on receive without it costing any keys.

A chest can also reward you one of the four pieces of gear above the Vault Card, and unlocks being able to get another of that same item when you have enough keys.

A chest can also give you Eridium (500 is the amount I usually get), regular Vault Keys, Diamond Vault keys, and seemingly random gear.

You can try and keep getting vault chests as a way to unlock the items on the Vault Card, or you can accumulate enough regular Vault Keys to unlock them by spending your keys.

If by black market you mean maurice’s machine, I don’t think that is correct. I’ve received items such as the free radical and beacon as the 4th item and in fact nothing I’ve received as a fourth item has ever been part of the maurice black market pool. I think it’s a legencary item from the room that is the 4th item (at least for me it’s always worked out that way–I once selected the free radical then got it again as the 4th item).

And the few times I opened a chest and got a weapon it was not part of the maurice black market. The chests just have a weekly pool of gear.

Per the site, the chests would not contain one of the VC gear items, only the cosmetics. Copied from the site below (I’m not aware of any updates to the below):

These Chests will contain either: a piece of gear from the weekly loot pool, a cosmetic item from that Vault Card, Eridium, a Vault Card Key (which are rare), or a Diamond Key (which are super rare; more on those later).

That pool is black market pool unless was changed recently in past few weeks. Radical was part of it at some point.

That question mark should mean that you already spent 5 keys to redeem a super soldier shield which should have gone to your backpack inventory. The reason for the question mark is that when you re-roll for the cost of another 5 keys you might get a super soldier shield with different parts, that will also end up in your backpack.
That is to say you will have two super soldier shields, each of which will have cost 5 keys.

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