Vault Emptied, Gearbox Plans for Compensation?

My Fellow Vault Hunters,

Looking through the forums, I can see that I am not the only one around here who has suffered from this game-breaking bug. What is the point of a Vault that loses it’s loot? What’s the point of a bank that has holes in it?

My question - To Gearbox in particular - what is the plan for compensation for this bug? I, along with many others, have lost numerous legendary pieces of loot along with hoarders that have lost their flavor-texted loot (yes, I am that too). There have been hours of farming lost because (while widely circulated on the forums), not everyone is aware of this issue. I was not aware until it occurred to me.

To my fellow vault-hunters - What do you feel is proper compensation for this bug? How many hours have you lost due to it, what (in particular) was hard to lose, and what would make this right in your eyes?

Further - are there plans to hot-fix this soon?

Appreciated to all, and best of luck that this does not happen to you.
-Raz, his clone Zar, and his drone GGGTFO


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