Vault Guardian Boss Assistance needed

Need some assistance taking down the Vault Guardian. I’m level 27. PM me your Gamertag if ur interested!

Played the whole game solo up till this point so any knowledge you can throw my way much thanks of gratitude palace awarded you. Idk. Happy Gaming!

You’ll want cryo and shock weapons, and a variety of them since you might run out of ammo on one particular type. If you still have Moxxi’s VibraPulse, that will help even though it’s a bit under-levelled. What time (and time zone) are you likely to be playing?

I can help you I have Jack lvl 35. What’s your gamertag?

If it were me, I’d try to level to at least 30 before attempting the final boss. That way you are closer to his level and for the beginning of TVHM.

I already fought him thru matchmaking. Thank you for the offers and advice. Normally playing midnight to noon Central Time USA.

@technikal My gamertag is PyroPerckilla I’m normally on midnight to noon CT US but It varies sometimes. Hit me up if u see me online. Let me know ur gamertag so I can keep an eye out for you.