Vault Hunter Build tier list?

I noticed it’s been a long time since there was a real comparison thread in terms of VH effectiveness after all the recent nerfs and buffs, so I decided to start this just for fun. Given the current state of things, which character and build combo do YOU personally think is best at:

Leveling up

This is just for fun, not something definitive.

I don’t really know about ranking but I can go over the builds I know and what is good and bad about them
In terms of mobbing I think Ties That Bind Phasezerker Siren is top tier.
Her ASE Phasezerker builds are usually very well rounded and can use any action skill to suit what anointments you get.
Spiritual Breaker Builds are still very strong and borderline overpowered with the use of Fakegrasp. High mobility high damage and with the right weapons you don’t haft to aim all that often. Best for mobbing but can do some nasty quick boss kills with the right set up.
Melee Amara has some good set ups for boss quick kills but is so gear relient making it a bit un attractiv. It’s a ton of fun to use leveling up and can still do work on M3 but it doesn’t seem to cut it in M4.
She has some other fun Nimbus builds but from my experience it is fairly behind in damage compared to ASE builds.

Seein Dead Barrier/Drone Zane is a god for bossing or mobbing. This has a ton of point and item flexibility which is great. You only need to go about half way down your green and blue tree to get huge benefits.
Violent Momentum Zane is crazy strong and can delete bosses or large groups of enemies with ease. This build relies on sliding so it can be bit tricky to get the hang of.
Cryo Zane is pretty good for general mobbing but struggles when enemies can’t be forzen. Wouldn’t recommend if your doing alot of boss farming. There are better builds for that.


Based on what I have taken in most Moze builds seem to focus around the same set of skills or anointments for different effects. This let’s her kinda meld builds together giving her flexibility on the battlefield with the right array of weapons.
Some or the Road/ ASE Moze is very strong for both Bosses but can be a bit slower in mobbing with all the hopping in an out of IB. This can be mixed with any number of ASE anointments or several of her VH spicific anointments.
Bloodletter/Deathless Moze has some very good raw base damage and survivable. It lacks a Health gate so it struggles on some bosses who hit very hard and very fast. She can make very good use of the Transformer or Big Boom Blaster Shields with this build.

ASE Hunter FL4K is good for bossing or mobbing and has a degree of flexibility in skill point placement.
Fade Away FL4K is less flexible but can be his tankyest builds giving him some much needed survivability. It’s best at mobbing but it can definitely handle bosses just fine.
FL4K has had a rough time with buggy skills and COMs so outside of those I’m not to up to date on other builds being used.

Honestly since launch just about every tree is quite good for leveling up. You don’t really see builds taking fill form until you get a legendary COM. Anointments are starting to become more centralized parts of builds.


All i can say is thank you. Trying to decide my next character to run, either zane or fl4k. I’ve acquired some decent gear for both so after reading this it should be easier.

I think BL3 content creators are the types to take personal slight at having their builds “tiered.”

Ultimately play what is fun and manageable for you.

A good way to get a gauge of what people are running right now would be to browse the threads about Moxsy’s takedown challenge. You’ll get a variety of different styles and all are guaranteed to be good for general purposes.


@maxeastwood hit it right I think. My zane cryo barrier/sntl is good all around for either and what I run on more challenging affairs. But getting stuck on takedown with a boss burner build can be a death sentence on M4, especially after having a few drinks :rofl: :beers:

sorry @sunrise_surprise5 :rofl: good job on the last part !

Was confused if I posted here… then I realized it was when we did M4 Takedown. Was no problem lol.

Really could wish for +11 more skill points and I’m golden with my focused ice build. Currently farming for It’s Piss with OTG annointed. I feel like I’m missing out on Takedown over it

On topic I feel like this is my list just from observing and getting hands on with VHs.


  • Amara
  • Zane
  • Fl4k
  • Moze


  • Amara
  • Moze
  • Fl4k (Fade Away needs better invisibility. Nothing should target him or else I rank it higher than Moze)
  • Zane

Level Up (Assuming who got easy skills as they go up?)

  • Zane
  • Moze
  • Amara
  • Fl4k

or VHs with best skills combinations

  • Zane
  • Amara
  • Fl4k
  • Moze (blue tree is all she has for healing)

I don’t tend to put to much stock in creator builds anymore. First off I play on PS4 but even before in BL2 where savefile conversion was easy I was never one to copy people’s saves for the gear. I enjoy watching Killersix and Joltzdudes content but with how build videos now focus on anointments or being min maxed I don’t care quite as much. Before build videos in the community where more about the theory and displaying how some skills worked in different ways. BL3 is still early in its life cicle and alot is going to change. For one a level cap increases could drastically shift what items are viable with higher potential damage. I just don’t care for the videos that say “we built around this anointment” and I’m like well ok but I need to now get one of a handful of legendaries with spicific anointments… I mean I got alot of other games to play LOL.

On top of that I want to collect gear myself.

If you like that style, you should watch my stuff.

I never clickbait anything, each video covers some core aspect of the VHer’s gameplay (Zane/best violent momentum, Moze IB damage, etc.), using item gimmicks in unique or interesting ways, etc.

If you’re on PS4 I’ve got one.

I’m pretty sure asking for a tier list just asks to put more emphasis on the meta, though this is just for fun. Personally I think more versatile builds then the meta offer more fun. I like cryo rakk Pak or golden rule Amara which both work great as all arounders but I doubt either are used by 1% of Fl4k or Amara players, now I wonder how many of those are even on YouTube.

I have two now but thanks for kind offer. Yeah I play on that console

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