Vault Hunter Concept: J-D17H as the Hive

Vault Hunter Concept: J-D17H, the Hive

Name: J-D17H (Judith)

Alias: The Hive

Gender: Female

Age: ???

Background: Being one of the most advanced creations in the six galaxies has its ups and downs. The downside? Being constantly hunted down by companies, bandits, bounty hunters, and everything in between, all eager to crack you open to see what makes you tick. The upside? Turns out that being a living cluster of nanobots makes one really, really good at killing things. After deciding to hide out on Pandora in an attempt to get away from the constant attempts to capture her, she began to hear rumors of the existence of a legendary vault. She decided that if she was gonna spend the rest of her existence fighting for her life, she might as well have fun while doing it. Who knows, the vault might hold the answer to where she came from.

Action Skills

  • Nanite Swarm: Judith sends out a swarm of nanites that attack the nearest enemy. Damage done by the nanites is returned to Judith as health.

  • Magnetic Discharge: All incoming projectiles are stopped in midair and gathered in front of Judith. At the end of the action skill duration, all gathered projectiles are sent back towards the nearest enemy, dealing their full damage in addition to bonus shock damage.

  • Gemini: A portion of Judith’s body splits off, spawning a doppelganger beside her that mirrors her actions. Judith’s doppelganger deals 50% of her damage. This action skill has two charges.

Skill Trees

Parasite: Focused on life steal and an “overheal” mechanic.

Polarity: Focused on shields and shock damage.

Colony: Focused around having doppelgangers active.

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Author's Note

Aaaand that does it for my group of vault hunters. There are actually two more I’m working on, since vault hunters are usually in groups of six, but these are the main 4 for now.


Awesome design, also for a 4th action skill i was thinking nanite mimicry
It is where she sends a swarm of nanites to attack the enemy continuously for 5 seconds before returning to her then the nanites will reform into an exact duplicate of the enemy (except large bosses) that will fight for the player for 30 seconds, until destroyed or if the player transitions to another location, the clone will attempt to revive downed players & has a 200% damage boost,
but most of all the clones will retain their abilites, e.g nog clones can buff the players shields with their drones & clone med troopers will heal the players.

initialy you can only use it once per recharge (30 seconds) but their is an augment that will give it an extra charge & increases the velocity of the nanites & it’s range, the capstone will make their duration infinite but decreases their health & limites you to only 2 clones per use.

What do you think?