Vault Hunter Concept: Thorn, the Wayfarer

Vault Hunter Concept: Thorn, the Wayfarer

Name: Thorn

Alias: The Wayfarer

Gender: Male

Age: ???

Background: Legends tell of a inhuman wayfarer that stalks the lands of Pandora. Nobody really knows where he came from or what his purpose is, and they’re not exactly keen on seeking him out to ask. Stories have been told about how he unlocked the secret of immortality, learned to control fate with his own two hands, and even traveled to the underworld and came back with a demonic hellhound companion. Legend has it that he roams Pandora searching for a worthy opponent to remind him of his own mortality. Are these legends true? Does this “wayfarer” truly exist, or is it just an old wives tale spread to discourage bandits from straying too far from their camps at night? Nobody can say for certain, but one thing is for sure: At the heart of every legend lies a grain of truth.

Action Skills

  • Lich: While active, Thorn cannot be killed. Killing an enemy restores a potion of Thorn’s health. If Thorn’s health reaches zero while Lich is active, he gains increased movement speed and gun damage. If Thorn’s health is still zero when Lich ends, he will be downed.
    Cooldown: 40 seconds
  • Pandoran Roulette: Thorn will roll two random modifiers, boosting his capabilities for a short time. There is a small chance for Thorn to roll one negative modifier.
    Cooldown: 20 seconds
    Pandoran Roulette Modifiers:
    • Storm O’ Bullets: Fire rate and reload speed are doubled for a short time
    • Vampire: 50% of damage dealt is returned to you as health
    • Energy Vampire: 50% of damage dealt is returned to you as shields
    • Hollow Point: Damaging enemies causes them to Bleed, inflicting damage over time. Bleed damage ignores shields and armor.
    • Frenzy: Movement speed and gun damage doubled for a short time
    • Bullseye: All shots are automatic crits
    • Arthritis: Accuracy and handling reduced
    • Fragile: Take increased damage from all sources
  • Bonnie: Thorn summons his pet skag to aid him on the battlefield.
    Cooldown: 45 seconds

Skill Trees

(click on the pictures to see the full tree)
The Undying: Focused on gaining buffs for being at or below 50% health, and swapping between cryo and incendiary damage.

High Roller: Focused on luck and risk vs reward

Thorn’s Best Friend: Focused on buffing Bonnie and having her out as often as possible


Love this idea. Keep 'em coming!