Vault Hunter Concept: Xandra Flynt - The Bandit Queen AKA "Baron/Captain/Countess/Zane Flynt's Mom"


Backstory: Xandra was born on Pandora to a family of notorious criminals. Growing up Xandra was exposed to a lot of the evil-doings of her family, and she often had to participate in many of their crimes as well. With her family it was “do what your told or face the consequences of your actions”, and everyone knew how that went. So Xandra did what she was told, not because she respected her parents, she obeyed her parents because she feared them. Xandra had already lost her older sister, who presumably got killed by their parents for attempting to run away. After Xandra turned 13, her outlook on life started to change though. She started rebelling and didn’t care about the consequences of her actions, and she would sneak out at night to go to clubs and bars. She was often mistaken for being older than she was because of her height, therefore she would lie to get into wherever she wanted to go.

One night while sneaking out to a bar, Xandra met a young boy named Duke. He was about the same age as she was, and they were both able to relate to each other, because they knew that their lives were pretty much screwed from the start. Duke came from a family of bandits, and that was pretty much the only life he knew. After a while the two of them began a relationship, and Xandra ended up getting pregnant. This enraged both of her parents, who both planned to kill Xandra and her baby. Luckily their plan wasn’t successful, and Xandra was able to run away and started living with Duke. After her first son Baron was born, she and Duke decided that it would be best to get married. Their marriage started out pretty rough, because Xandra had a hard time adapting to the bandit lifestyle, so she started a career as an actress.

Fast forward some years later, and Xandra quit her job as an actress, became a lunch lady at a high school, and started to fit in with the bandits. Life wasn’t so bad for her but she wanted more out of life than just being a mother of 4, and being considered “the queen” of bandits, so she became a Vault Hunter. Xandra ended up leaving her kids behind which was both a good and a bad thing, the upside was that she wouldn’t be around to abuse, neglect, or threaten them anymore. The downside was that Duke Flynt was just as bad of a parent, or even worse than Xandra was. Anyways the Vault Hunter thing didn’t really work out for Xandra for too long, because she didn’t want to work as a team with her other fellow Vault Hunters. She wanted everything for herself, and even betrayed them as a means to get ahead and that was her downfall. After that Xandra came crawling back to Duke and the bandit life, and surprisingly enough Duke actually wasn’t all that angry about her leaving. Nowadays even in her old age she has continued a life of a crime and still retains her title as the “Queen of bandits”.

Age: Unknown
Birthplace: Wurmwater (but she was raised on Tantalus)
Height: 6’1"

Weight: 162 lbs
Build: Lithe
Personality Traits: Cruel, Ruthless, Greedy, Humorous, and Self-Centered
Occupation: Bandit Warlord
Affiliation(s): COV/Bandit (currently), Vault Hunter (formerly)
Family: Duke Flynt (Husband and my OC), Baron Flynt (Oldest Child, Son), Captain Flynt (2nd Oldest Child, Son), Countess Flynt (3 Oldest Child, Daughter, and my OC)


  • Can and will backstab anyone if it involves money.

  • She’s been a high-functioning alcoholic for most of her life.

  • Due to her acting past, she knows how to “act” to manipulate others (eg. Convincingly acting nice and caring to someone, when she actually doesn’t give two ■■■■■.)

  • Has many weird and dangerous “family traditions” and “rites of passage”.

  • Had her first child Baron, at the age of 14.

  • Is generally just a bad mom overall, and often put her kids in dangerous situations as a “test of strength”. Each and every one of her children were traumatized to some extent because of these “tests”.

  • Has threatened to kill or sell her children on various occasions.

  • Is the reason why Zane wears a cybernetic eye.

  • She disowned both Baron and Zane after they decided to leave the bandit life.

  • Never called any of her children by their given names, she referred to them as “boy”, she even called Countess “boy”.

  • Xandra and Duke have cheated on each other numerous times, but neither seems to really care that much.

Action Skill 1: Pain and Power
Description: After this skill is activated it automatically breaks Xandra’s shield, and any damage Xandra takes increases her damage, accuracy, and movement speed. If Xandra takes damage from bullets they are returned to her inventory, if she’s damaged by melee attacks that damage is converted to roid damage.

Action Skill 2: Unquenchable Bloodthirst
Description: When Xandra activates this skill, she goes into a frenzy and wields a cutlass and a dagger. Whenever she damages an enemy with her cutlass, her shield starts regenerating. If she damages an enemy with her daggers she gains lifesteal for a short period of time. If her health goes below 50% while her skill is active, she temporarily becomes invincible for how much time is left on her skill.

Action Skill 3: Hot N’ Cold
Description: When this skill is activated, Xandra is equipped with two Molotov Cocktails. One dealing fire damage, and the other dealing cryo damage. When Xandra throws one of her molotov cocktails at the ground, the flame/cryo mist generate an elemental dome-shaped barrier dealing fire and cryo damage to those who touch it.

This is my first Vault Hunter concept, so feel free to critique/give feedback on the skills, but please don’t be too hard on me :sweat_smile: Also I’m no good with numbers really, so if you’ve gotten any scaling/balancing suggestions just hit me up with them :smiley:

At OP’s request.