Vault Hunter Heads and Skins threads

On the old forums, each of the vault hunters, excluding Aurelia, had a thread for their heads and skins. Now I’m just wondering if those threads are going to be moved or remade here?

As a side note, is there going to be a head and skin thread for Aurelia?

mirrirada (can’t remember the exact name) used to take care of it but they’ve been afk for a while and I haven’t seen them at all on these new forums.

Mirror is busy with life things at this time. (Shes fine though, no worries) She had asked one of us mods to move her threads over here, but unfortunately I myself am unable to due to being restricted to mobile use at the moment and that would be an incredibly tedious task for me because of that.
Which leaves this open to anyone else who may wayntto take on the responsibility for her. Im sure she would appreciate it.

Luck to Mirror in her RL endeavors. Would it be possible to post links to those threads in each of the respective characters sections in the meantime? At least until someone takes on the responsibility of bringing them over?

Sal’s, Krieg’s, and Clappy’s community guides both link to the old threads. I’m pretty sure the other ones do (or will) in time.






Thanks for the links. It’s slightly annoying that a skin and head thread hasn’t been started for Aurelia.

You are welcome to make it yourself if its that annoying to you.

Sorry if I’m sounding like I’m making a big deal out of it, I’m not trying to. I should have phrased that post better.

If I do try and make a thread it won’t look as good as her’s. Any info I provide will be from what I’ve already got in-game, so it won’t be a complete list. And there won’t be any images, as I’m playing on PS3 and not PC, although I do have TPS on Steam, but I have not yet bought the DLC characters.

Wow these are helpful, I’ve been looking for something to show me the current Vault Hunter’s heads, and now I know what I’m gonna farm/barter for. Can’t wait for Aurelia’s list. Also, love the changes to the forum but I will miss the previous design. Good luck to those farming for Aurelia.