Vault hunter ideas

Here we would give ideas for new vault hunters that would give a unique player experience.

I think we should do an eridian vault hunter. They would start with shield instead of heath and would.have the 3 following trees.

Sentinal: focussed on high sheild. Would also give augment that allows shields to become health or armor.

Eldridch: This would allow you to atune with different vault monster and do more damage to vault hunters.

Wardriven: melee focussed build that followed short but painful hits. Would have a skill that would allow melees to do critcals.

but … eridian extinct and they are creator of the vault . only guardian left to guard the vault

A guardian as a vault hunter make sens actually if you’ve cleared the differents trials.

What if as a reward for.beating the Guardian takedown that is comming up, you get the vault hunter

There’s been so many of these threads already that I’m surprised an enterprising mod hasn’t consolidated them into a monstrous, confusing morass, as is their wont.

i have also been asking for a guardian VH already xD
would be very unique and a new kind of “magic” besides sirens
also it would fit so well into this whole “are there intelligent guardians? what if they develop an own will?” they become frigging vault hunters xD