Vault hunter modes

So my question is will Borderlands 3 have Vault Hunter Modes?

Or would it have one play thru that keeps going up?

The reason I ask this question is that as shown at reveal show the level of enemy seems to be always scaling to you even if you join a lower lvl friend. So would this result in a new system instead of Vault Hunter Mode?

And if we have VHM then would we have lvl caps? What good is lvl caps when the game is always catering to your lvl even in normal.

A side of me hopes there is no vaulthunter mode and that the end game content starts right after finishing campaign. Another side of me hopes to see it return.

So can any one answer this? Do we have VHM in BL3?

My guess is we’ll get what we’ve gotten in the other games. Standard and True VHM to begin with and then the DLC will add a third run later on and they’ll go up to 30, 50, and whatever the cap increase is after DLC respectively.

Level cap has been confirmed at 50 same as the previous games and will be expanded with DLC. As to why even have a level cap… skill points. I also don’t think the normal mode will continue to scale past 30, but I won’t say that I know that as fact.

Also, we have that “Guardian Ranks” thing to consider for the endgame.

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can you explain that to me please. I have the handsome edition and i am playing DLC in the normal mode ATM past 30 and all enemies and my level is going past lvl 30. shouldn’t it have stopped at 30?

with all DLC does the normal mode for borderlands 2 go beyond 30?

As for Borderlands 3: wouldn’t it be better to just have one mode and we progress in the same mode past the initial story play thru? we can get skill points buy doing other content after the campaign. e.g the side missions that are left behind, challenges, optional boss fights and raids etc.

They did mention different difficulties, something called “master vault hunter blabla”, but not many details. We don’t know if there’ll be mandatory second/third playthroughs, for instance. But if you want my 2 cents - if they’ve been listening to feedback - it’ll be done some other way.

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Been a LONG time since I played on Normal beyond level 29ish, but I double checked with my 80 Siren just now. Some enemies on Normal will go past 30 (such as bosses because that’s how they do), but standard enemies don’t go past 30. Of course, this might change in BL3, but I kinda doubt it.

As for BL3 being better with just one mode and you just do endgame stuff after… I’d say TPS did it best in that regard. Have the first playthrough then have different dialogue and stuff for the second run. Keeps things spicy and allows you more entertaining means of grinding out the last 30-40% of levels to hit max than just running around killing enemies and finishing up whatever sparse side quests you didn’t get to before the final boss.


Personally, I really hope they take the ideas that Diablo 3 implemented for difficulty and leveling. Let us go from 1-50 in the same playthrough, and just add difficulty options from the start. Higher difficulties reward better XP and loot drop rates. This would also make leveling up future characters quicker for those that just want to quickly get to the end game loot grind with their 3rd or 4th character. I also am keeping my fingers crossed for something similar to D3’s Adventure mode, where you can hop into any part of the campaign that you wish and run those missions, once you fully complete the campaign one time. This is also where you would go to access any other end-game content. Every other aRPG has moved past the idea of constantly rerunning the same campaign over and over again as “end game,” so I hope BL3 follows suit.

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yeah i agree with this. Diablo 3 did good with this mechanism.

here is hoping something similar is in Borderlands 3

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That route sounds good. On the other hand I wouldn’t mind having a second playthrough atleast if they add character commentary and side conversations like we had in TPS signifying that the 2nd playthrough is someone like Marcus telling a story. I personally didn’t mind doing normal and TVHM with characters in BL2/TPS It started hitting me at the 3rd playthrough for UVHM though.

yeah playing it for third time gets boring fast.

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