Vault Hunter Specific Loot Drops

I have been farming for a long time now for Gamma Burst anointments. Why is it that I constantly get every other VH’s anointments and IF I do get Beastmaster, it is always Rakk Attack and Fade Away? Would it be possible to create a hotfix that removes other VH skill tree anointments? Basically, for my situation, only have FL4K and General anointments drop. I’m fine with sifting through the 3 skill trees for my VH but I feel that farming gets oversaturated when you have 3 different skill tree for 3 other VHs added on top if it. I shouldn’t be getting Moze anointments for 50% of the time I’m farming. It is a bit ridiculous. So, that is my suggestion. Not sure if anyone agrees with me. I just feel like it would make farming more enjoyable if you narrowed the drop pool down to General and VH specific anointments.

Iv’e voiced my concern in regards to this several times and nothing.

I main Zane and 80% of my drops are for Amara, the VH I rarely or never play.

I know GB wants people playing for longer but this approach is more of a deterrent to farm or play … for me anyways.

I believe that BL3 could be the absolute worst loot system for a looter shooter in the history of ever. Its a time drain that is redundant and unrewarding. Neither is good for longevity and the dying player base is testimony to that.

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