Vault Hunter Status

I keep getting notices that my Vault Hunter status has increased. What does that mean?

I’m guessing it’s either your character’s level has increased (earning you skill points you can invest in your skill tree) or your Guardian Rank (earning you points you can invest into one of the perk trees). You’ll find both of those in your inventory (4th and 6th tabs from the left imsc).

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It must be my Guardian Rank. I’ll look in my inventory. Thanks.

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I looked and found out that I had over 300 tokens. I’ve been redeeming them but have a long way to go.

My rank is is 311. I’m not sure what that means.

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It means you have over 300 tokens :wink:

If you look at the bottom of your screen while playing, you’ll see two XP bars filling as you progress through the game. One is your character level, the other is your Guardian Rank. If you played BL2 or TPS, it’s the equivalent of BAR in those games. GR applies to you as a player, so any other characters you have will inherit and add to the same GR rank/perks.

Note that spending rank points in a particular GR tree not only gives you increasing stat boosts, but allows you to enable different additional perks. Some of these can be quite game changing (like full health/shields on successfully getting out of FFYL).

Also note that each individual character you play can have the GR stat boosts on/off, or individual perks enabled/disabled.

My ranking is 72.

I’m still confused about the notifications that I periodically get about Vault Card rewards. Is that the same as Guardian tokens?

Guardian Ranks are similar to the Badass Ranks in Borderlands 2. The only difference is that in Borderlands 2 you got tokens after doing certain area based or gun related challenges for example (finding Vault Symbols, killing 1000 enemies with pistols, etc), but in Borderlands 3 these tokens are not earned after doing challenges, you get them after reaching max level (level 72), after that your character will get Guardian Ranks instead of leveling beyond level 72. Also, as mentioned, Guardian Ranks are applied to you as a player, so it’s “shared between characters”. The Guardian Rank tokens can be used in your Guardian Rank trees to further “upgrade” your stats just like in Borderlands 2 with the Badass Tokens and unlike in Borderlands 2 you can also unlock perks with them. Just to mention a few:

Vault Card rewards are totally a different thing. There’s a tab in your ECHO menu where you can unlock certain cosmetic and legendary items. To be able to unlock any of these, you need to level up your Vault Card. How do you level it up? Just like leveling up your character, killing bad guys. There’s an XP bar for the Vault Card (the green one). After seeing a green text “Vault Card level x” on your screen, means you have a chest that you can open IN the Vault Card tab. One chest is granted and can be opened each time you level up your Vault Card. That can reward you -randomly- with a cosmetic item from the ones you see on the Vault Card (if not all of them are unlocked yet, in case they are, those won’t appear as a reward in the chest anymore since they are all unlocked), or 500 Eridium, or either with a Diamond Key or a Vault Card key. The Vault Card keys can ONLY be used to unlock certain rewards IN the Vault Card tab, like cosmetic items, or the legendary items and also re-roll the parts on the legendary items. Re-rolling parts is only possible after unlocking them first of course (that means, you need 10 Vault Card keys, 5 for only unlocking a legendary item, another 5 for re-rolling the parts). If you click on a certain item or cosmetic, you can see how much Vault Card keys they cost to unlock them. As the rewards are random, you might get only Eridium after opening the chest for 10 times straight, instead of getting a Vault Card key. The number of owned Vault Card keys can be seen in the Vault Card tab, left bottom side on “My keys”. The number of Diamond Keys can be seen in your backpack, next to the Golden Keys.
So, the yellow bar is the actual character’s XP bar (which will stop filling up after level 72), the pink bar is your Guardian Rank XP bar, the green bar is the Vault Card XP bar.
Hope this helped, if not, feel free to ask more questions.

Wow. What a load of information! Thanks.

Now I know why I’m getting Guardian Ranks.

I’ve rerolled without knowing why I was doing it.

I’m going to have to open up BL3 and look at the tabs now that I have all of this new information.


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You’re welcome.
What I forgot to mention is, when you unlock a Legendary item in the Vault Card, they come without anointments, that’s why you can re-roll parts, so it would get anointed. The re-roll thing with Vault Card keys is only possible for the 8 Legendary items seen in the Vault Card. I never tried it, but I think after you re-roll the parts on it for the first time, you can take them to Crazy Earl’s re-roll machine, which works with Eridium instead of Vault Card keys.

The difference is that re-rolling on a vault card actually gives you a new item with different parts (ie if you had one you now have two). Crazy Earl’s just changes the anointment on your existing item.


Yeah, also true.

Holy crap. I’m spinning out of control! Info overload… Maybe after I calm down…

What does rank 311 mean?

It means you levelled up your GR 311 times - it’s where your Guardian tokens come from. I see you’ve spent some of them already! BTW the pane on the right scrolls down - there are more entries below what is currently displayed in your screen shot.


I just achieved Vault Level 41. Just what does that mean—to refresh my memory?

That would most likely be your Vault Card (last tab in inventory).

  • yellow text = character level
  • purple text = guardian rank
  • green text = vault veteran rank

Thanks. I’ll take a look

What a clusterf*** - if the game is no longer interesting let’s make it incomprehensible. :nauseated_face:

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I just like to shoot with my Boomer!